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Just Venting

I just need a place to vent, and here seems good as any.

I take pills three times a day. That's it. I've managed to stick them all together in those little time slots. I try to take them 8 hrs apart, so that they work to their full effect. Did I mention that I HATE meds. Just loathe them. So, yesterday, I forgot to take them twice. Once after lunch because work got hectic. And once before bed because I passed out early - eithout intention.

Today, right after lunch - full on stomach pain! I'm walking around work between the President's office and mine (I'm the Controller, so we talk alot when he's here) hunched over. I mean, Notre Damn it!

Now, I know if I go pee, that I'll have D too. So, I'm trying to hold off as long as I can stand. No, not too badly. Just no need to if I'm okay how I am. But the point is still there.

And I keep coming back to this forum all day today because I keep finding stuff out. Then I discuss it with my boyfriend (3 yrs and counting) because we work together and I want to get something off my chest, or I find it interesting. Today he's completely focused on work and doesn't want to talk about it.

UGH!! Somewhere between my stomach and needing someone to talk to. Oh, and Tylenol-3's aren't doing justice to this pain. I'll go home and have a Lotab and call it a night.

Maybe I'll get lucky and it will rain. Then I can get a full night's sleep too.

Fingers crossed!

ps. thanks for reading if you do. <3
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Hey Jessica,

Vent away! I can't say I know what you are going through 'cause I don't have IBD but I'm can listen and send you loads of squishy hugs!.....................................

I so hope that things settle down for you. Thinking of you.

Take care hun,
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Jessica, hope you get some pain relief! I can relate to you on the pill loathing - I never even used to take tylenol before my diagnosis, and now I'm on 22+ pills a day. And occasionally I have missed dosages and definitely pay for it, another set back. It can be discouraging when you realize how much your body has become dependent on meds. Just so glad to hear this forum is answering all your questions, and that you have a boyfriend to share all the worries with while you read here (when I joined I was a bit terrified at everyone's horror stories!) Get some rest and feel better, okay?
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Dear Jessica,
Vent away. Sometimes it just helps make a bit of the pain go away, doesn't it?
Hoping you have many pain free days,
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Thanks, everyone! <3

I felt puky all night. Held everything though, so that's a plus. Been feeling drugged all weekend. I hate it. I just can't believe that missing two doses can do this to me. These things are such a lifeline, I hate it. I hate being dependant on anything this much.

Either way, I do have a boyfriend that's been through all of this with me. I'm so lucky. He's been with me a little before the symptoms really started. He could've been one of those that ran off, but he didn't. Even though it was early enough in the relationship, he stuck by my side. <3 Lucky me <3

Thanks again, everyone.

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