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First meeting with GI update on Marilena

Hey everyone,
We met with the specialist yesterday and everything went GREAT! Her SED rate was cut in half! Hemoglobin is on the rise and no pain or diarrhea So, we get to start weaning from the pred faster and at a better pace than I expected. She's up 10 lbs and finally looking healthy Doc told us to stay on low residue diet b/c its working too. We're going to check weekly on 6 mp levels, may or may not have to raise...she's on the lowest dose possible right now (1/4 pill). The dr gave us all the time we wanted for questions and never seemed rushed at all. We walked out so happy and with such high hopes. Marilena has been journaling a lot about her feelings which seems to help too. She's excited for the presentation we're going to give her class about Crohns. I feel l like we're in a honeymoon stage. Cross our fingers!
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This is so great to hear Jamie, I am so happy for you both. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it lasts a very, very long time!

How wonderful is that, a class presesntation! Bet she'll blitz em!

Very excited for you,
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Very good news Jamie!! Like Dusty said, here's to a veeeeeeerrry looooonnnng remission!!
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Fingers crossed.....this is great news!!
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I noticed that your little one is 10- my daughter will be 10 in a few months. I am so glad things are going well for you! A presentation for the class is a wonderful idea- it's so hard at that age- My daughter comes home from school in tears regularly because of teasing.
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I'd like to personally punch those kids that tease. I feel so badly for your little one. We were just recently dx'd so I hope your daughter finds help as quickly as we did. YOu're welcome to pm me and I could send the presentation to you if it would help. My daughter got the framework from a friend and she wanted to do it to try and avoid any more teasing.

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