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Had colonoscopy today

I had my colonoscopy today finally. I have the pictures of my infected areas. I am now having to stay on a low fiber diet. I didn't really get to discuss anything to the dr. because I was out for the whole thing and he never talked to me after I woke up. But I go to see him on Fenruary 6th. They just told my hubby that I needed the low fiber diet and that they were going to do some biopsies on the tissue they pulled out and that was it. So I am feeling a little out of the loop here but oh well. I am just glad it's over. The sedation they used on me made me throw up like crazy. I finally got home and slept it of and feel a lot better now.
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I had mine done a week ago. They told me all about it. Might as well have told my dog cuase I don't remeber the day period. I hope to here the results of the biopsy today. You should be able to call the doctors office in a week to find out the test results, thats what was on my paper work for releaSE FROM THE HOSPITAL. Sorry about the caps, lap top and Im used to bigger key boards.
Take care
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Yeah the only thing I remember are looking at the screen once and then waking up later. I don't even remember yelling in pain. My hubby said I did but I just can't recall it. I will have to look at my discharge paper about my biopsy. It would be nice to know the results. Thanks, christina

Crohn's Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » Had colonoscopy today
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