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dianognis, (sp)

Just got good news, my biopsy was aok, no cancer and no infestion and no crones.
But I have most if not all the signs. Hey Im not complianing that Im ok just now what do I do. And what if he's wrong?
Anyone else been in my shoes?

Thanks for being here.

Love to all
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Jeff D.
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Get a second opinion to see if he's right. Just always ask questions.

Good luck
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tomohio, my GI doc told me that, after small bowel follow through test, that I have Crohn's. Here in Canada, it takes about three months to get in for the scope, so I've got 2 more months before the colonoscopy and the endoscopy. But what he did say is: each scope can only go so far through your intestines, basically your small intestines can only be scoped on each end, and since Crohn's can be anywhere in your digestive system, just because the scope doesn't find Crohn's doesn't mean you don't have it. He said that if they find something on the scope, then they can say my diagnosis is 100% accurate, instead of the 95% accurate it is now.

To summarize, if you can, see another doctor; and if you haven't had a sbft, maybe you should, or maybe there is another more conclusive test.

I think my worst fear as I went through the diagnostic process was that I'd have an end result like yours: no answer. Keep trying to get your answer - you need to know so you can be well again!

Hugs and butterflies,

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