View Poll Results: How many times do you go to the toilet to poo per day?
Less than once / do not poo everyday 8 7.77%
1 13 12.62%
2 15 14.56%
3 14 13.59%
4 11 10.68%
5 7 6.80%
6 5 4.85%
7 6 5.83%
8 or more 24 23.30%
Don't know 0 0%
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How many poos per day?

I've noticed that I am going to the toilet more oftenly.
How many times a day do you poo?

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Without Psyllium Husks Roo would go about 5-7 times a day. With them she goes about twice a day.

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Wow I feel like the odd one out! When I was first diagnosed I was going 25-30 times a day. Now its down to 10-15. I wish I could remember what it was like to have a normal
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Hey Braveheart,
this poll is a good idea, but I'm afraid I have to agree with Ava...
If you are gonna ask this question to folks with IBD, you're gonna need to expand your numbers.

When I am wicked flaring, it's hard to keep track...
but 20-30 runs to the bowl is quite common, not to mention exhausting!
After too many sit-downs, cleanup gets harder, because the toilet paper feels more like coarse sandpaper.

Heck, I'd be a completely different person if I could average under 10 runs to the royal throne per day.
If you really want to know, increase your survey choices to accomodate sicker IBD sufferers!

It's a lifestyle of frequency and urgency.sigh
take care,

ps when I win the lottery (without buying tickets), I'm getting a merciful bidet!
see ya on the porcelain
currently 'enjoying' Metho, Remi gave me Lupus, Humira pens now weekly - jury still out?
whew, just a little Prednisone?

I'm starting to think Crohn's isn't as much fun as they made it sound in the brochure?

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Walt I certainly agree with you! The more trips to the bathroom the worse it is. I have started using baby wipes and even keep some in my purse! I also use analpram which is suppose to be the best bum cream around. It works really well for me especially when I'm having the 30 trips a day
11-17-2010, 08:31 PM   #6
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Before the my first flare I was twice a day. Right now it's 3 times a day. During a flare it's a minimum of 10 times a day.
During my first hospitalisation my GI kept stressing that 4 times a day was the magic number. Anything between 1 and 4 was a good sign that things were under control. He kept saying that 4 was the magic number, as if I had control over it.
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I totally agree with you Walt and Xoxava, I clearly understand that in many cases ten times is not enough. The pool system only offered me up to 10 choices, so that Iíve decided to put an 8+ choice, meaning 8 or more.

If you know a way to add more options please let me know.
11-19-2010, 10:05 AM   #8
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Vonfunk- this seems to be a common thing, I have been told to phone the nurse if I go 5 or more. Probably because average (for normals I guess) is 3 or less, so 5 would be significantly above average. And that probably explains why there are two peaks on the graph- those of use who are more or less in remission, or don't get d as a symptom, so are roughly average, and those who are in a flare or have chronic troubles.
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04-25-2011, 06:24 AM   #9
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I answered 8 or more, im imagining this as an average, some days I havnt been able to go at all, whereas other days ive managed 30+ so, without keeping a record im making an average guess
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11-06-2011, 03:20 PM   #10
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I do go often when I have a flare-up....not it is not D. Any one else like me?
11-06-2011, 05:31 PM   #11
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If you go alot and or you have D, ya gotta have Calmoseptine, the best love for your butt!
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Think it depends on who's in remission / flaring. When flaring, I'd be on the toilet about 8 times a day. I am now down to 2!
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Usually around 3 on a relatively normal day, on a bad day I could go up to ~10 times
11-07-2011, 03:51 PM   #14
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8-20 depending on the flair, but oddly enough never D.
12-31-2011, 07:11 AM   #15
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This is gonna be graphic... warning.

Okay, so I haven't poo'd since 27th Dec but that was a really bad diahorrea explosion. It completely emptied my bowel and afterwards, I weighted myself and i'd gone down half a stone from that toilet trip!! Gross!!
I haven't poo'd since.

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~ Been on so many different medications and nothing actually helps
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