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Okay I'm compleletly knew to this whole smoothie thing... It sounds good and healthy now how do I make them to where they taste good and don't make a huge mess in my kitchen LOL.... BTW I suck at cooking and making stuff... A website or a good book with lots of pitcures would be nice ...
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GNC Cohn's Man - I have one for you that my husband does each morning for breakfast ... they are pretty good too as I have even tried them ...

Coconut Milk - 1/3 of a can { from a 13 1/2 oz can }
1 ripe banana - cut into pieces
5 - 6 frozen strawberries or 4 TBLSP. of frozen blueberries

Blend all of this up in your blender & enjoy.

Note - We found the coconut milk at Wal - Mart and so I am sure you can find it and so if you want any more help just let me know and I will also share some more as time allows
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Hi GNC Crohn's Man,

Smoothies mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Love doing them. A favourite is: 2 handfuls strawberries, 1 banana, 1/4 pineapple and 8 tablesps (120mls) pineapple juice.


Do the strawberries with 3 peaches or nectarines, juice of a lime and 8 tablesps of orange juice.

Sometimes I throw in organic natural yoghurt also for the extra bugs which you could try if you dont have a lactose prob. Or you could add your preferred milk instead like rice or soya to make it creamier.

Choose fruits at the peak of their ripeness for the best taste and most goodness.

Add crushed ice for a more refreshing smoothie - it works!

Pears are good in a smoothie too. Dont be afraid to experiment its fun but also you wont ever go back to shop bought versions again trust me!

Enjoy. Hope these help and set you on the road. Let us know how you get on. If you want any more ideas just yell.


P.S While I think of it a book I started out with is The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies. The ISBN is 1-904292-23-2 hopefully you could get it somewhere like Amazon. The author is Natalie Savona.

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To make them easily, follow any recipe, use a really really really big beer stein type glass, and a hand blender like a braun that fits right inside. That way clean up is a breeze. Only thing to watch for to avoid mess is to make sure you don't overfill the glass before you put in the mixer! Have fun!
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Jeff D.
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I have one of those gizmos that you drink out of the cup you blend out of. I will find the name sooner or later. But all I do is put strawberries to taste, a banana, tablespoon of honey, half a scoop of dried goats milk, and ice. It tastes wonderful. Just make sure you blend it so it smooth and creamy.
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Hello,your smoothies sound yummy, I am going to try them
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To avoid the pips on strawberries, I use strawberry yogurt instead. Just a tip.

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