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What to do when illness season starts

What do you all do when the school starts to let you know about strep, pneumonia and other stomache bugs being in the class and/or grade? We got the flu shot today and the school has been notifying us of the illnesses.
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So far we've really just played it by ear with EJ. We have a very close relationship with much of the staff at his elementary school but next year he goes to middle school and that's going to be a whole new ballgame.

I doubt if Marilena has been on the 6mp long enough to have greatly reduced her immune system yet. We were told it could take up to 6 months!! I think about 4 was more likely with EJ but he is on 4X what Marilena takes. Has she had any bloodwork since she started it? EJ's last bloods showed increased white cell count so we reduced to 1/2 dose every second day. We will retest his blood in a few weeks to see if this is effective. If not, he may have to miss school during any real outbreaks!!
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Make sure Marilena practices good hygeine (proper hand washing not just the typical kid trick of putting their hands under the tap!). Has she had vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella? Has she had chicken pox? Do you have the pneumonia vaccine over there (we have one in UK). Those are the riskiest illnesses, if she isn't immune to them and she gets exposed contact her doctor straightaway! Strep and colds and tummy bugs aren't too bad, the advice from our health agency is that vulnerable people do not need to be informed of these illnesses.
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My Dr told me that good hygeine was most important - carry around hand sanitizer, wash hands, and DO NOT touch your face!

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Ya, no fingers in the mouth, eyes and no picking your nose without clean hands. :P

And if they do get sick, don't send them to school and try to not take them anywhere else like the store or something cause you don't want the germs to spread and infect other people. Also if they have a cough, have them cough in a tissue because the hand doesn't cover as well.
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She's had all of her vaccinations. We've done the lesson and make sure she sanitizes all the time...the teacher even went through the speech again with her whole class about good hygiene. Her sister just got over pneumonia but we're new on the 6 mp. Today was her first blood level check (she was give a HUGE overdose of it last week so we had to postpone first check). We do have a pneumonia vaccine, I'll check into it, there is a case of pneumonia in her grade right now and the secretary said they've been having lots of cases of that this year...
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We spend a lot of time talking about (and practicing) how to clean hands, when to do it. We get the hand sanitizers that are on a clip (Toys R Us has them) and clip it a beltloop. I'm in and out of a lot of schools, and the thing that grosses me out the most is lunch. They all use the same key pad to enter their lunch number and then sit down to eat. Yuck!
If it helps any, I take a pretty big dose of 6MP and I didn't notice an increase in cold and flu bugs- even with a lot of exposure. Humira... that was another story!
Praying you all stay well!
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