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Has this ever happened to you!?

I was at my Rhemy doc. He was asking about asacol for me.. (not sure why he wanted to know) So I flat out told him, I can take asacol and I can see it in the toilet an hour later. I guess I forgot he wasn't a GI. and used to the poop talks. THe doc looked at me like I was insane, for a good couple of minutes, then realized I am not there just for my back and got it.. LOL
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Well I had something similar, not long after my colonoscopy I went for a smear test. It was my first one so the nurse was being really nice and talking me through it. She asked if I was OK and I just said 'yes, this is nothing, you'll never guess where they shoved a camera last week!'
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The docs seem to hate it when we make smart ass, observational type comments, don't they? However, being the sick individual that I am, I make a point of it at every visit.
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The GI who did my latest c-scope was young and friendly and an exception to the ones who get so flustered by snappy comments (been there!). In fact, he made one himself. We were chatting while waiting for our turn in the procedure room. I asked whether the blood I'd been regularly seeing could be hemmorhoids instead of active inflammation, he said yes, and I indicated my relief. His response was to point out this isn't something you hear very often, "Yay, hemmorhoids!" Too funny. (Mind you, I pointed out that it was better than "yay, more Crohn's!" -- which turned out to be the case, for the record).
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When I pooped out Asacol whole, they switched me to Pentasa and that fixed the problem. Slow doctors....well, can't help ya there!


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LOL I wonder if I should start a poll about how many of us have seen asacol whole in the toilet? I mean they make us take what was it 15 pills a day and then we just flush them.. why stop in the middle at all?

Rofl only crohnies would be saying YAY Hemmoroids! I Have to say if given the option of more inflammation or Roids, I would take the roids... has anyone invested in preparation H???

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