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Once again

I woke up this morning with pain all over. My guts tied in knots, that lead to 4 trips to my favorite room in less than 2 hours. My back is killing me and I go to the Rhumey tomorrow. I can feel at least 10 joints in my body, and my gut is making noises that sound like a 747 about to take off. Took a vicodin and that lessened it a bit but still hurting and that familiar ache in my lower guts just won't let up.
I really hate this damn disease.
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I feel bad that you are in pain I also have the joint issues and pain in the lower abdomen pain. Be careful with the vicodin because that is very rough on the tummy. It might help with the joint pain but it is very hard to digest. I usually stay away from it unless I am in the hospital. They usually prescribe the percoset for me but I still know that I am in more pain in my tummy and it also becomes soar and I get really nauseous. I still have some since last march. I hope that you feel well soon
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Nica - I hope you're feeling better today <3
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Hi Nica, so sorry you're suffering! This disease has a cruel sense of humor-it makes you simultaneously have to run to the bathroom AND be unable to because your joints hurt so bad.

Sending hugs and wishes for you to get better soon!


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Thanks everyone. Rhumey did 2 spine injections today.. hopefully that fixes the back pain! right now sleep seems like my best option.

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