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Xray and Remicade

I am in a transitional phase right now. My contact for all my Remicade questions is currently being switched to someone else, so as of right now I have no one to answer my questions. This is where I hope someone here will be able to help me out. I hate to have to call my doctor for every little concern I have.

I am scheduled to get a xray of my chest a few days before my Remicade infusion. (non GI related, so she doesn't know about it). I know before I started Remicade they gave me a list of "rules" that I had to obey. Of course, there is no way I could remember all of them, since the list was so long. So my question is, can I still go for my infusion if I have an xray done? I know if you need to take antibiotics, you have to wait 7 days after they finish before you can get your infusion, and if you have an infection you can't, same with surgery. I am just not sure where an xray would fit in there since a colonoscopy is even considered "surgery". My guess is that it would be okay, but I'd like to hear someone else reassure my thoughts first if possible. Because if I won't be able to get my infusion, I won't be going for my xray.
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