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chronic itchy rash, hives (urticaria), small raised red or white bumps

I think I may have finally figured out what's been causing my chronic itchy rash, hives (urticaria), with small raised red or white bumps:

I've been on immune-suppressing drugs like prednisone and imuran for many years now to control my UC and chronic skin issues. However, suppressing my immune system may have actually caused and extended my skin problems!
Elderly people with naturally weakened immune systems are at greater risk for chronic skin problems and microscopic parasites such as the scabies skin mite. Therefore, this same problem may be plaquing the entire IBD community.

This is what has just recently worked for me: permethrin 5% cream (and you will need a doctor's prescription). This is rubbed into the skin from head to toe and not washed off for approx 12 hrs, then a second application in approx2 weeks. Not sure if it was the scabies mite, or a nasty cousin. These mites are mircoscopic and they bore into the skin and can set up shop indefinitely.
This cream kills them off .. steroid creams or soaps will not kill them.

UC since 1990 - had a full colectomy (with J-pouch) in 2006.
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I'm glad you found something that worked. My dermatologist has been of little help (she uses Humira regularly to treat psoriasis and "doesn't see any connection"....
I also came across an autoimmune skin condition where excess keratin caused rashes and wondered if it may related to the Cronh's or the treatments.
How did you get a diagnosis? Thanks for the info!
Diagnosed in 2007/ Crohn's (ileocolitis) Fistulatomy with seton placement 2007, 2008
6MP 2007
Pentasa/Entocort: no luck
Humira: allergic
Cimzia: started 12/10..fingers crossed

Also, sweet, precious 9 year old daughter with hx of weight loss, diarreah, abdominal pain and cramping, CD- terminal ileum- 11/10- trying every possible homeopathic route first
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I used Google searches and slowly figured it out by myself. Skin rashes/hives are very difficult to identify a root cause, so I'm not too upset with my doctor's for their lack of help on this one.
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New Development on this topic:

The following food allergy may have also been the cause of my ulcerative colitis since the cause is still unknown. Unfortunately, I had my colon removed in 2006, so I cannot confirm this theory:

I finally discovered that the unexpected cause of my chronic hives / urticaria was a food allergy to FRUCTOSE. I stopped eating/drinking high-fructose corn syrup and sugar (which is sucrose that digests into glucose and FRUCTOSE). No fruits or fruit juice either.

I am able to have any of the sugar substitutes.

Remember, you will find high-fructose corn syrup and sugar in MANY foods, drinks, and sauces such as tomato sauce, bbq sauce, and ketchup.

I believe it's a genetic-based allergy because my Mother and Grandmother both suffered from the same chronic hives. Sadly they are both deceased and I am bummed that I was never able to help them with my life-changing discovery. My Grandmother also had ulcerative colitis.

I sincerely hope this info helps cure many people suffering from chronic hives and ulcerative colitis.
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I still get this full body itching even after discontinuing humira. Humira triggered it.

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