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A funny Crohn's moment - for a change

I just thought I'd share this moment we had with our five year old son today. He was sitting at the table drawing his own ‘maze.’ When showing it to us he points to a stick figure in one corner and says "this is me, and you have to get me to the toilet by the quickest way." Then he points to a little toilet drawn in the other corner, a mass of different roads between the two. Only a kid with Crohn's would have thought of that! It's a bit sad, I know, but sometimes you have to laugh too...
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haha, glad he can find some humor in it!!
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Hey G, that's classic!! Having a good sense of humor will help him tremendously especially around school mates. Good for him!!

Has the cramping foot improved?
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Hi Mark. No more foot pains thankfully - we'll have to see if it reoccurs after his next injection.
He does have a great sense of humor about it all - perhaps because he was diagnosed so young and has no sense of embarrassment regards it.
He often gets wind when he's physically active - running and fighting with his mates etc. But he's just declared himself to be a super hero called 'Fart Man' who uses a stinky secret weapon to chase the baddies away!
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LOVE it!

When my daughter was first diagnosed and we finally got home from the hospital, she very solemnly told her best friend, "You know, Emily, I have Crumb's Disease."

Our kids rock!

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