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How long do MRI results take

I was hoping to get the results of my MRI before xmas as the results were due the week before. Unfortunately I wasn't given them, so I put them to the back of my mind and enjoyed xmas. When new Year came I again thought about contacting the hospital for my results. I spoke to my surgeons secretary who told me that the surgeon had looked at my scan and was taking it to a general medical council to dicuss the findings with other professionals...........that didn't sound promising to me!!!
So, that was over a week ago and I thought I would probably get a letter this week with an appointment date to go back to the clinic at the hospital to be told my such luck!!!!
I rang the secretary again today to be told that she hadn't actually discussed the outcome of that meeting with the surgeon but she knew I had an appointment with my GI on the 5th Feb, and that she was told previously by my surgeon to make an appointment with him afterwards. Why didn't she mention this last week? She knew I was anxious about the results!!! Anyway, today she said she would mention to the surgeon that I had again called as I wanted to know the outcome and she would send me an app through the post!!!

The whole thing has ticked me off a little. I expected to see the surgeon sometime this month. Now I probably won't get to see him until March time which means if everything is ok and I can have my reversal surgery, that won't probably happen until April at the earliest and my incapacity benefit runs out then!!
I was hoping I wouldn't have to make another claim for incapacity, at this rate I might be able to go back to work by Autumn taking into account recovery for the next surgery!!!!

Why does everything take so long?

I was originally told that I would have to have this stoma for 6 months, well by the time I see the surgeon I will have had it almost 8 months, do they not see that its important to try and stick to the original plan.

Another thing thats ticking me off is, a couple of months ago I was told I was going to start Remicade and Methotrexate but my IBD nurse would ring me first and that hasn't happened either!!!

I know that this stoma has made things a whole lot better but I was really looking forward to getting rid of it, no disrespect to those of you that have permanent ones, but this is beginning to get me down.

Ok moan over now.............and breathe............... thats better!!!!

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Nancy Lee
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Jeff D.
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Get it all out Ruth.

I hear that this kind of stuff happens all of the time. I wish it never happened to anyone but it does. I hope everything comes back a okay and that you can get everything settled before your incapacity runs out.

Good luck
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Thanks for your replies, feel a little better now, just needed to get a few things off of my chest!!!

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And so to update, I have a GI appointment as mentioned on the 5th Feb and now I also have an appointment with my surgeon in the same week. . .the 8th Feb . . . . . .yay, thats better than I thought, thought I would have to wait until March, so I am now feeling a little more positive. I now think that maybe the results were ok, because if they had found something on my MRI they would have got me in sooner. I know I shouldn't speculate but it helps a little. Fingers crossed I get the news I have been waiting for. Will keep you all posted.

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Ruth, all I can say is try and stay positive. Waiting is the hardest part of the whole ordeal. Like you said in a prior post-if it were something serious they would have contacted you by now.
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Hello, glad to hear they are finally moving, hope you get good results back from your tests
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Hi Ruth
Hope everything goes well for you. I wanted to talk to you more about that stoma thing. I didnt know that you could get it reversed. Can you go to Chat or what is your e-mail? Your not hooked up with Zoints? [email protected]
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I've sent you an email Tammy.


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