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how to afford all these meds?-need to close out of forums ...

lots of meds
talked with friends today
it is true
i am dragged down
i can't do that...
you know??
i can't read up on stuff too much-it messes me up
i trust my dr
need to know-and have found out about supplements-but-
what else?
the news-the possiblities of worse times ahead
the cost
right now my parents are helping me a bit
i can't do that
man--i mean-they put me through college
i'm an artist-love my work
hardly can work (except computer work) now
but-right now-
at this time
without them-i couldn't afford any of this
and i ahte it
i love them
to put them throught this worry kills me
but-what do i do?
right now i am not well enough to get out there with work-i had some good stuff lined up-but til i feel better-it is on hold.
my parents are upper-middle class (lower end of upper--not the rich-upper)
they have their own health stuff
man--i HATE having to even ask for any help
it is so awful
i feel helpless right now
these meds cost soooo much
i an't risk losing my insurance-at least it would cover any hospital stuff-which is possible--and that i'd REALLY need insurance for
i wonder
should i go on pred --its much heaper than entocort
is that crazy?
just til i get on the 6 mp
i just dont know what to do
i get the blood results next week-
then find the next route
but no path is good
moderate-severe-highly active inflam. whatever
what have i learned by reading?
i don't know?
support is good-
but it is making me crazy too
i just want to live and work and all of that again
but at the cost of what???
this really is a deep hole
i wont give up
but i wont drag others down
no way
i need to figure thisout
guess see what the dr says-and go from there
i love the people i met on here
i know many have it worse
and do ok
but-when i come on here i comne on here and feel like all i do is obsess
i need to let it go
let it go
figure w the dr
do what i can
and from there
do all i an to not think about this.
or i'll end up so down

i just
i gotta ..
thanks to all for such help
this place helps so much
it is me now
i am too crazy
and it's time to go

i wish everyone the best
lots of strong caring people here
me too
and my way is to let go and try not to think for awhile

that's it
all my best
ps if there were a face showing a flying bird looking for the sun--that would be me

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Hey girl, dependent on what medication you are on, the companies will give you very discounted rates. It will take some paperwork but it can be done. Pentasa is one of the most expensive drugs out there and I got it for a fraction of the cost because I was BROKE!
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I wish you luck in finding help for your meds. Hang in there things have a way of getting better, take care
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Hey HI Welcome.
Just noticed your new to the forum. another Canadian lol. Yah


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