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Sleep troubles?

Hey guys I started Remicade about 7 weeks ago now and its been going great. Only 1 problem I cannot sleep. Ive had problems with this since Ive had Crohns but its gotten worse since remicade started. It is now 5:15am and I havent slept a second yet tonight and I need to be up in 2 hours for a uni final... Just wondering if anyone has had this and if so any suggestions?

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I've been meaning to ask my doctor about this - I have been waking up multiple times a night - last night was in bed about 930, finally fell asleep around 11?....then awake multiple times, the last about 5am (alarm set for 615).....

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I recently read an article about the inflammatory process taking place in this disease having a large contribution to unstable moods and insomnia. (Seems like Crohn's affects EVERYTHING, yeah?) Dunno about Remicade though...hope not, I'm doing my first infusion soon!

Hope you all get some rest!
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I cant sleep either, and Ive only had one dose of Remicade. I think its more due to the Prednisone for my sleep problems, however, I take Amatriptaline for sleep and it really helps. Its actually a depression med, but has great sleeping effects. The only issue is, if not taken early....you will be to tired to get up in the morning. But when I take it early in the evening, I get 8-12 hours of full rest, uninterrupted and I feel good when I get up in the morning. I would check into it.....
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Sleep problems here too. I can only sleep about 2 to 3 hours at a time but I think for me it's because of the Prednisone, I'm not on Remicade yet.

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Wow thanks for the responses everybody. This sounds stupid but I have absolutely no problems once I fall asleep and some mornings can sleep straight through 2 alarms. I just cant get to sleep. I have a hard time describing it. My mind doesnt race, Im not uncommfortable, and Im not going to the bathroom. My exam where I had 2 hours sleep actually went better than my full night sleeep though.... Maybe the secret....

Edit: shannon did you happen to have a link to that article you mentioned?

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