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joint pain? really?? I'm too young for this :(

so i'm scheduling a SB resection. I stop my humira, happily, because I want to rebuild my immune system during the few weeks leading up to the surgery. And what happens when I stop the humira? The big D and now I have a freikin fever! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... and what really pisses me off is I go to the podiatrist and discover that the pain in my mid foot joint and both big toes and grinding feeling may be an arthritis! WTF?? I though arthritis would be later, I'm only 33.

Just annoyed and feeling rather poorly. Ok thanks for listening.
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I can understand how you feel Im 21 and have arthritis due to crohns in my hips, knees and ankles. It makes you feel like an old women on top of everything else aswel. Im feeling really frustrated at the moment can't do anything to stop the pain.

Hope you feel better soon x
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Joint pain with crohns really sucks. Right now my joints hurt more than my gut. I am only 37 and creak worse than my grandmother!

Go to a Rhuematolgist for joint issues related to crohns. I have found mine to be a wonder at figuring out whats wrong and getting the pain to be livable.
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25 and i work at a computer all day... Lower back yoga may be keeping me vertical but yeah, stiffness and soreness are becoming a new companion. Just gotta try and keep stretching and iron the muscles out, extend and air out the bones, and perhaps take a hot bath.. ontop of actual medical help of course.
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With all the predniscone etc we take and the foods we can no longer eat etc
plus the fact that when we flare, exercise is the last thing we wanna do etc

so the meds kill our bones/cartlidge/joints etc an then we must deal with it all
it's so much fun bein a crohni isn't it
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Joint pain sucks. Ten years before I was diagnosed with Crohn's, I was diagnosed with JRA, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had knee surgery at 17, took Celebrex (I think) and a bunch of other junk. Two years prior I had taken dance classes, horse back riding, gymnastics, and all that stuff and then nothing ... kaput. Walking felt hard.

It never got really bad, and went away by the time I was 21 or so. I still have joint pain but nothing like what it was and I just hit 30.

So, yeah, joint pain sucks. Blargh. Etc.

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Im 19 and always sore and stiff too. Especially my feet and back lately. It is frusterating

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I was diagnosed with Crohns when I was 16 (in 1986), 9 months later I was in having a left knee replacement as they said I had rheumatoid arthritis. 2 years later they removed the artificial knee and fused my left leg stiff, so since I was 19 I've had a stiff leg. I have arthritis in most of my joints and the joints with out arthur have osteoporosis(diagnosed in 1997 when I broke my ankle - twisted it on the way down the stairs in work).
I am in permanent pain so am on Tramadol and Morphine patches to take the edge off. I had major surgery last year to cut out a bone infection in my fused left leg - I still have 2 large holes from that.
All together I've had 15 surgeries and counting for this poxy arthritis and it all came about becos of the Crohns.
I can handle the pain and the creaks and groans but it's the overwhelming tiredness that gets to me - I always feel like I could sleep for 3 weeks or more.
Does anyone else suffer with tiredness?
I should add that my Crohns is actually not too bad at the moment - getting over an horrendous stomach bug.
Unfortunately arthritis is one of the many lovely additions when you have Crohns - thing is no one tells you about it until it happens!
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I have major joint pain when my Remicade infusion is 4-6 weeks old. I discovered DMSO and it works. I use a shower filter that takes the chlorine out of the water before I carefully apply it. It takes 2 days for it to work. I am amazed. google: dmsobz My wrist pain was so bad i couldn't wipe my ass, and it worked!!! It's the best $15 I ever spent.
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