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'training' new nurses?

lol.....well - the infusion clinic opened back up again at the hospital where I get my infusions- and of COURSE there is a whole new staff!.....

Anyone else here have to 'train' new staff - remind them what meds you are supposed to get (had to remind about my B12 as the standing order hadn't made it up from apheresis!).....

Funniest thing is the one nurse is actually pretty 'new' - been a nurse for 2 years I think, but worked up on a floor where she didn't have to start IV's.....I was kind to her and gave her my good, BIG vein rofl.....

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OH I Hate it when my docs get new staff. Or my pharmacy for that matter! One of my docs nurses is so funny, she is not used to dealing with a patient like me who prolly knows more about meds than she does. She argued with me about my son getting a chicken pox vaccine, trying to tell me how its "supposed" to work and how it "couldn't effect me being around him".. I made her ask the doc, who made me go on vacation before he would give my son a shot.
Glad she got to stick you not me.. it takes a TEAM of nurses to get an IV in me and then sometimes they downgrade it to a pediatric needle.
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Seems everyone who takes my blood/puts in an IV is new these days. Used to be a breeze. Last time a new nurse tried to give me an IV I called her back over and was like, "hey, there seems to be a lot of blood seeping into the IV." She said, "It's cause I turned it down really low." Well, I've had many IVs in my time and even when its turned off, it isn't that bad, so I looked around up and down the tube till I found it. A HUGE mass of air slowly heading towards my vein. This thing was over 5 inches long. I called her back and showed her so she tried to fix it by having me pinch off the IV while she let it drain into a trash can, then she couldn't hook it back up right and I basically bleed all over the place (bed, floor, trash can). Then she gave me a wet rag to clean my own hand and arm with. This was after she failed at putting in the first IV cause she missed the vein and filled my wrist with fluid. Good times.

I thought this thread was going to be about actual nurses in training like they have doctors and surgeons in training stop by with your doctor. You get 10 people crowding around you asking how you're feeling and they all get a chance to touch you (with your permission of course). "Hey guys, wanna poke at my open wound?" This was back when I had my surgery. I was strangely ok with it. I almost hit one of them cause they poked too hard near my surgical site but caught myself.
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OMG crabby. OMG I might have smacked that nurse with the IV.

I will never forget when I got a new doc, right out of school who looked at me AMAZED and said "You have Crohn's" like it was the coolest thing ever, then proceeded to poke around in my guts throughly. Now, he really does not wanna touch my gut and sends me to my G.I. if I say anything gut related.

Speaking of training nurses.. I have a nurse in training doing humira shot every 2 weeks! She gets to be a REAL nurse in Feb. (I'm so excited for her! my 20 year old cousin)
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Yeah, as for new nurses, interns, whatever-I don't let people learn on me. I feel for the new people, but I'm sorry, I'm already going through enough, thank you very much. I've got too many horror stories and it's just too much to deal with.

But having to remind them of your meds-oh nooooo, to me that's just not acceptable. That's a person that won't be touching me lol!


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Haha yes they all seem to be new! Everywhere Ive been lately. Colonoscopy nurse, bloodwork, and 1 remi. Im extremely needlephobic and my nurse at colonscopy missed my vien by a good inch and my viens are rather large. Hot my damned muscle and then left that IV in while she tried attempt 2 which like crabby said only resulted in blood up the IV when I passed out. Woke up just intime to have a new nurse start my third IV of the day haha.

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Smack them all!! I get really irritable after about 4 sticks.

Better idea, I think they should let US stick them when they screw up, badly.
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This takes me back to when I was in hosp. with suspected appendicitis (probably the start of my crohn's journey). Some trainee DOCTOR was supposed to take blood, but couldn't get the vein. I'm notorious hard to mother says it's cause we're Scottish and we don't give stuff away for free!!! So he couldn't get blood, but decided it was fine to put the IV in there. Hmmmm...if nothing's coming out what makes you think anything will go IN!!!

So that was relatively late at night, and I was awake for hours in agony before a nurse realised and tried to do that twist and squeeze thru thing they do with the IV. I have never been in so much pain EVER!!! It took another 2 hrs to get a proper doc in to remove the IV and put in a new one. Never ever again will I sit there and say nothing. If you don't know what you're doing............I don't want you anywhere near me!!!
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im very patient with new nurses cuz i will be a nurse in training in about a year and a half! but i am only so patient because i have big viens and you would have to be blind to miss them ive had nurses try to stick me in my hands and the viens in my hands arent so big hardly noticable
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I always point to the correct spot. You can't even see the vein cause of the color of my skin and how deep it is I suppose but you can feel it easily. This one person almost decided to put it in another one over an inch away just cause they could see it but its tiny as hell to the point that you'd just go right through it. I said, "no, not there, it's here, trust me." So they decided to do what I said and what do you know, blood. I bet I could draw my own blood and put in my own IV (well, someone else would have to hook up the tube but I can get the needle and tiny tube in there).

Am I the only one who likes to watch? o.O

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