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Getting semi-hysterical for no real reason

OK, first off let me say that I am not sick at the moment, I do not have any tummy issues, I am not in pain, I am not throwing up, I am feeling fairly normal and life should be GOOD!!

BUT .... we live on top of a mountain, there's snow falling and ice all over everything, the temps are in the low 20s (fahrenheit) and falling rapidly into the teens and I keep playing out a scenario in my mind where I need to get to the ER with, oh, say, a blockage or a perforation or something along those lines and NOT BEING ABLE TOP GET THERE!

*teeth chattering waves of fear flowing for a moment*

I do KNOW this irrational, I do KNOW that I am worrying for worrying's sake, I AM doing all the slow breathing/snapping a rubber band on my wrist stuff that calms me/slaps me back into reality, lol ~ but still .... gosh, I feel alternately icy with fear and then incredibly stupid.

This is the first winter that I've dealt with this. *sigh* Do any of the rest of you guys get this way?
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I get lots of anxiety attacks. From things like "am I having a heart attack?" to driving when there are too many people on the road driving like idiots.

Try to relax, I know easier said than done.
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I have a panic disorder so I know the feeling all too well. There are a lot of us on here who deal with anxiety. For me it helps to see a therapist on a regular basis to talk about it or whatever I want really or to go over ways to help snap myself out of an attack (there are a lot of methods out there and it takes time to figure out which works for you). I try to remind myself that all I or someone else has to do is call 911 and the emergency staff will figure out the rest whether I need a helicopter or if they just want to sling me over their shoulder and carry me to the hospital themselves. :P But keeping in mind that no one is just going to let you die really helps.
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Thanks for the kindnesses.

I used to be subject to some pretty bad anxiety attacks, but as I got older I've mellowed alot. This - I think I can call it Health Anxiety, maybe - is something akin to the feeling I would get when my kids were newborns and I was left home alone with them for the first time.
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Oh I remember that feeling. It surely isn't pleasant. I think it will get easier as you get used to Crohn's. You kinda have warning on most severe issues. At least thats how it has been for me.
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Anxiety is rough.

I suffer from depression / anxiety. Speak to your doctor. There are a lot of treatments out there.

I take Cymbalta and Ativan when it is really bad. When I am on prednisone the anxiety can get really rough.

Hang in there.
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I am predisposed to panic because my father had it and my grandfather too...its genetic ...oh wonderful genes I is the damn crohn's..its in the family too on my moms side...anyway...there are great books out there on the disease...yeah if you have it a lot it can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. The nice thing about panic is that you can cognitively change your brain patterns by going through various exercises..A good book i recommend is called "Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic by Reneau Z. Peurifoy. I know there are a ton of books, programs and whatnot out there to help people who suffer from this condition. I found that this book really helped me and rarely have a panic attack anymore and when i do i can go through some techniques and it calms me down pretty fast. I hope this helps.
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I understand completely the fear of what if !!
I was feeling rough last night my hubby was in work I had the kids an no credit on my phone just texts, I kept thinking oh no what if I have to phone an ambulance what will happen with the kids how will I text my hubby saying get home NOW I'm calling 999 etc!! Lol an I don't have any anxiety issues ( ok reading it back maybe I have lmao)
I think it's pretty normal as long as you don't make yourself ill over it .
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May be worth a youtube search for "Yoga for calmness" , some good videos on there. Or if you want to go in the opposite direction, grab and axe and go chop down a tree, that would release all the nervousness and work your body into a nice calm fatigue. Smooth it out or pound it out.. has usually worked for me. 80% of the time, it works 100% of the time
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