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New Mom-scared :(


I am a new mom, my daughter is 8 months old, and I am scared to death that she is going to end up with Crohn's disease. The fear takes me over sometimes, I can't imagine a child having to go through this, it is bad enough for adults but children are a completely different story.

I am not a parent of a kid with IBD, but I wanted to post and ask if anyone's child was diagnosed at a very young age (Like 6-24 months old).
What are signs to look for in babies that young? They can tell you if their stomach hurts.
Every time my daughter gets bad gas or has a little stomach bug, harder stools or diarrhea, I am scared it is starting.

I know babies have gas, and loose stools, and babies throw up, but I am still scared. I would feel horrible if my daughter ended up with Crohns.

Any advice? Or just some thoughts to put my mind at ease?

Thanks all
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Can I ask why you think your daugher may have CD? She is very young, and yes you are right babies do have gas and loose stools at times. Do you have a history of CD/UC in your family? I think that if you are this worried you should talk to your family Dr about these issues.
Good luck
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Hi Woops,

I think i am just a little to worried about the future, I have been flaring for about 3 months now, and every time my daughter looks at me and smiles I just hope that she never has to go through what I go through.
i guess I need to just focus on loving her and worry about the future when it comes. That is all I can do. I am just emotional being in this flare for a while, I think a little depression setting in, (I was doing great for a year until this sept.).
My brother was diagnosed with UC, but now the doctors say it might not have been UC? and he has Diverticulitis. I think there is history of GI problems on my mom's side, from what I have found in 1930's/1940's correspondence from my mom's dad and uncles.

I think at her 9 month checkup I will sit down and have a conversation with her pediatrician about it, and see what they tell me.

All of you are so strong, your children are lucky to have you.

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Hi there and I really hope she doesnt get this disease either but if she does she already has an amazing headstart with you already going through this and as bad as it is sometimes you were able to have her and Im sure she will live a great and happy life, crohns or not.

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My son was about your babies age when I started getting symptoms of crohn's. I understand how hard it is to be a new mom and deal with this disease. My biggest fear for my son is that he will get it. I can only imagine what that like on top of being a new mom.

I have taken my son to the GP just in case, a few times. We have the same Doc. So he understands my fears and puts my mind at ease, by saying if he is not loosing weight, having severe D that lasts more than a week then you don't have anything to worry about. So try to keep that in the back of your mind when you start to worry about Crohn's and your baby. I try not to let my fear for him affect him, he is now 13 and quite crohn's free. It is hard, I think it is normal for a mom to worry about passing down this illness to their children.
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Hi mejay,
Welcome to the forum, leya was diagnoised at the age of 18months old with crohns.
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Jayme - My girls are ten. I worry every day for them. Which doesn't help the crohns! Try not to worry about the what if (I should take my own advice!) And enjoy her today. I know its hard. My one ten year olds daughter has baaad acne! And they are suggesting accutane. As if! Even though I told her I have crohns! So, every time I look at her I think...there is a miracle drug for acne...but, what if I give it to you...and you get crohns...Oh wow is me...So, what I am saying is...put your worries here. End it here...love your baby up today! Here's a hug...my friend...Sue
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Hi Jayme- Having a doctor that you can talk to about your concerns is certainly an advantage. My mom also has Crohn's, but my sister has never had any GI toruble at all. While there can be familial patterns, it's far from a cetainty. Enjoy this time while she is little; it goes so fast. This is a great place to find support and information- glad you found the group!
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Jayme, you have enough on your plate!! Don't create more stress by projecting this illness on your beautiful, healthy daughter. Enjoy this time, like Susan says!! It doesn't last long enough!!
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I dont have any children, but I have been thinking about your worries. Knowing what we go through, and just how rough it can be. I can understand that if I had a child I would be very worried too. I will keep you in my thoughts, good luck and hopefully your dr will have some anwsers for you

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