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Changing Dr's

I've decided to change GP's My Dr is too impatient and is too busy I end up at the walk in clinic getting help there. I am goign to try a Nurse Practitioner. I visited once and she seemed to lsiten. Even when I told her I didn't like her writing on the laptop when I was there. At least she ut it away. Lookign forward to having more time and attention. Soem answers to simple questions. Wish me luck.
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Many places use laptops these days to enter data on the spot rather than having to type it in later. Its the same as taking notes on everything you say. Which makes service faster rather than waiting for people to try and figure out what the doctor wrote down. But if she was checking her facebook, then I understand. :P Good luck!
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Good Luck with the doc change. I have found if I am not happy with a doctor to just get another one. We have too many issues to not feel comfortable with our docs.
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I just switched docs cause mine was being indicted for fraud! It certainly helped me get a speedy referral from my health care provider logging that kind of complaint. Good luck with the switch!
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