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Why do I bother

Ok let's see
my cd ATM is goin well, not in remission or back to a
normal life, but I do hav some good days

but that's jus it
why do I bother gettin better?
I've lost most my friends since I've had this flare havnt seen most in almost 2yrs
I don't hear from anyone either, I mean not hard to ring or SMS only about 5c

it's on my good days that I feel the worst, in feelin ok an wouldn't mind doin somethin even jus a short drive or what Eva, but no fun doin anythin on ya own
gettin out meetin new ppl isn't really an option either as I can't garauntee I'll be well enough to meet deadlines/ dates etc

an forget dating, was hard enough b4 flaring let alone tryin to go somewhere or do somethin an hav fun when all
ya can think about is "where's the closest loo?"

I'm in the dumps an not bout to get out anytime soon

pass me the pop corn, peanuts an beer
I've had enough of it all!
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I get what you are saying, I don't have nearly the same amount of friends I used to. But the ones I have are great.

I don't really have any advice on how to deal with the social issues of crohn's I start to think I have it down and bam no I don't.

I wish I had a better answer for you.
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Oh, Rob! Hang in there, buddy. It sounds like you are feeling better in terms of your CD - hopefully the other stuff will fall in place too.

It's easy to get reflective and depressed around the holidays. Don't succumb! We need ya around here! I always enjoy your posts so you can consider me a friend that hasn't bailed on you!

xo - Amy
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I don't think I'll be on here for a while
jus not in the mood

think I need a break from everything, switch off the mobile an throw it in a drawer somewhere

best of luck everyone, I might catch u around sometime

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Hey dude, random suggestion but maybe join a gym that has a hot tub and just go sit. I always feel good in those and also tend to end up having really interesting conversations with other patrons. Otherwise, I wish you luck and feel free to come back here anytime.

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Rob, your posts have always made me laugh!! I'm sorry this just seems out of character. Many of us are around less lately it seems. As a delivery man, December is just work,work,work for me. Sorry I missed this and I hope you're outlook is improving. It seems many people get very melancholy around the holidays and don't even see it coming!! On the plus side, glad to hear you are feeling better lately!!
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Ahhh Rob buddy its okay. Gym idea isnt a bad one, can be goodbfor some "man dates" too. Sorry for the dumps feeling and your always welcome back anytime!

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Please look into possibly speaking with a professional. I am on the new side here but your posts have not had this type of flavor before. Everyone gets down, especially this time of year. I love the gym idea. Check in every few days please even if it is to say buzz off. You do have people that care and will spend time with you we just are not able to do so physically.
Feel better,
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i certainly dont have as many friends as i used to. sadly i noticed this during my high school years when i would miss school and return, it was like making friends all over again. and i understand about going out places. ive become master of finding the bathroom in every place i go in, and if they dont have one, forget about going there! hahaha. hang in there. i know its tough.

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