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Last night Aaron and I both woke up at about 2 am. He had stomach cramps and was in the bathroom at first. When he came out he told me he had D. With some questions I found out he has been having D about 5 times a day, mostly late at night for almost 2 weeks. He said there was no blood, but he did get some cramps. He hasn't lost weight, he is still eating and drinking. My son also is known for exaggerating things, so his 5 times might be 3 realistically and the 2 weeks may only be 4 or 5 days.

I gave him some immodium and his tummy calmed down he went back to bed.

There is a stomach bug going around, but paranoia has set in. I am going to wait until after the holiday and if its still going on take him to the doctor. I don't want to take him in for a bug that is really nothing.

Its hard to get it out of my head that I might have given my son this terrible disease.
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I'm sure you've said somewhere Nica, but how old is Aaron? Unless you mean passed this disease on genetically, you know you couldn't give it to him. If you do mean that, then the only alternative would have been not to have him at all. You know you don't wish that!! It's probably just a bug anyway, but should it be more, he's got such a headstart with you as his mom that he'll be ok.
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Hey Nica,

Awww you poor thing! Although I don't have IBD you know what I have gone through over the last month and my heart goes out to you, it's just awful. I hope and pray more than anything that Aaron is okay and it will all pass. You are fab Mum Nica and should it come to something more than a bug well no one could have a better advocate and more understanding person with them every step of the way.

Thinking of you,
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Thanks guys. I really hope its a bug and he is over stating his symptoms. Aaron is 13. Going on 40. He seems OK today, just tired but he is a teenager.

Oh and yes I meant genetically. I have so much fear of it since my mother in law was diagnosed with RA. He is getting a bad immune system from both sides.

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