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Surgery Looming - What approach is better?

Resection scheduled for a less than 3 weeks. I am making a big deal of it in my mind, not so much in a stressful way but more like trying to make it a watershed moment in my life, a new beginning, etc. I think reflecting on the surgery and anticipating it in advance will help me use it as a catylist towards something, well, new.

Is this a good idea? I suppose some may say just to take it in stride as another procedure, not to dwell on it, not to make a big deal of it, etc... What do you think?

I should add that I am somewhat frieked out by the surgery. Just the going off into the unknonw, placing your life in someone else's hands while I'm out, ... I know it is safe, but still.

Just looking to hear from others who have done this. I have like no one here to talk with about it. I'm on my own, which in a way I like as it helps with the feeling of a re-start.
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I had my resection about 11 years ago and I'm still in remission. Chances are you have maintenance drugs to take after surgery (currently I'm taking 6MP 50mg) but in general you should be feeling better after you've healed up. Your trigger foods (foods that bring on symptoms) will most likely still trigger symptoms but there's no harm in trying them out to see how they bother you if at all. Depending on how much is removed will decide what your life will be like after surgery as well. Everyone is told to expect the worse such as losing bowel function or needing a stoma but that doesn't mean either of those will happen. Increase in diarrhea is also a possibility but not a guarantee. Infection after surgery is also a possibility but even that isn't the end of the world (mine got infected). You will be in pain, feel weak and be very tired but these feelings are temporary and your pain will be treated so don't worry about that too much. In all honesty, I think I was more terrified to get work done at the dentist where you're forced to be awake and be tortured but during a resection, you're put to sleep and won't see or remember a thing. You'll just wake up groggy and in some pain.

You may also have more scaring if they have to do a full surgery instead of just laparoscopic (happened to me as well). While they are in there they should remove your appendix and may even find some other issues while they are in there and fix those as well (which is a very good thing).

Yes with all surgeries there is risk involved but generally when surgery is needed, its needed and you will be in good hands (just looking at your location, that's where I'm at and we have wonderful doctors all around this state) and should be feeling much better once you've healed up.

If you want to hear more about details then feel free to ask any specific questions. I know some people woke up with a catheter (I did not) so you don't have to stand up right away after surgery to use the bathroom (like they made me do) and some people are made to take antibiotics after wards to help prevent infection (I was not given any). You may expect to be in the hospital for a week for recovery depending on how well you're doing. As far as how long it takes to fully heal, I don't know because mine did get infected.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll be just fine.
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Thanks for your thoughts. Yes I was looking for some personal feedback so thanks again. Anyone else feel free to chime in!
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I think it is a big deal. Any time a surgeon is going into your body cavity, it's a big deal. Hopefully you found a great surgeon and you just need to place your trust in his/her experience.

Research what you can, make sure you understand exactly what they are doing, what type of anesthesia you will get, possible complications, etc.

And I hope this is the start of a new healthy you.
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I agree with Joe, it is a big deal. I had my resection and a couple other surgeries about four years ago. You have to know exactly everything you can know about the surgery before you have it. I know before my first surgery I was worried. I was in so much pain and very sick. I did think about everything a lot before that day.
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I am scheduled for a resection Dec. 28th. and I'm starting to get really freaked out. It helps knowing that so many others have had this kind of surgery and come out feeling better - but ahhh, its freaky!
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