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finding foods I can eat

Hello I am new to the forum and would like someone to shed a little light on any available foods i may be able to eat I have lived on the stool for five days now and i am starving and scared to eat anything . My doctor has only given me bentyl it is hard to go to work when you don't know just how long it will be before I have find a restroom can anybody offer any help with this illness I am looking for information on just what i can eat and what to stay away from my doctor gave me a list of foods to eat and foods to stay away from. the way i see it there is nothing i can eat can anyone give me a link to a diet so i can go shopping today and stock my shelves waiting for now any help would be great

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Jeff D.
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I can eat pretty much anything. I am guessing you are in flare right now. What most be eat it seems like is a liquid diet during a flare. As they feel better they reintroduce semisolid foods I guess you would say, more blandish foods, then they try other foods. What I would suggest is buying a notebook or making a document on the computer, I like those mini notebooks you can fit into your back pocket, and try foods. After you try a food write how it made you feel. Highlight all foods that made you feel good in yellow or blue and highlight foods that made you feel bad in red. That should help a bit.

If you need anymore help you could pm me or ask any question you have on here.

Good luck
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Hey, do you have Crohn's Disease? Because before I knew what I had, they put me on Bentyl too. (The not sweating is cool, but the dry mouth sucks) But anyways, why hasn't your doctor suggested Imuran or Prednisone for your flare? Because from what I remember, Bentyl is just an IBS drug... not IBD... and it seems to me that you may need steroids to bring down the inflammation inside. I mean Bentyl is an antispasmodic, so its supposed to help with the stomach pains, but it won't help diarrhea or inflammation. Just concerned and wondering.

Oh and don't quote me on all this stuff... this is just from my experiences.
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Yeah, I remember those days of not being able to eat anything and being scared of eating cos I didn't want more diarreah. The thing is though, you must continue to eat something or you'll get worse, as the others have said, bland food is your best bet. Things like chicken, soups, crackers, fish, thinmgs that are easy to digest. Have you tried the Fortisep drinks? they're nutritious drinks that are really helpful during a bad flare. You still get some nutrients because you can get them down as I know eating when you're uncomfortable can be really difficult. You can get drugs to slow the D too, you need to speak to your doctor, things can be a whole lot more comfortable than they are right now for you. Hope things begin to settle soon for you.

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I've made a list for myself. These foods may not work for you, but they work for me. Try it out.

Strawberries - pips removed
Apples - core and skin removed
Fruit Cocktail - Canned
Watermelon- no seeds
Honeydew Melon

Carrots - Very weel cooked
Potatoes - Skin removed

Brown Rice
White Rice
English Muffins
Pasta and Noodles
Special K
Rice Crispies
Peanut Butter - Creamy

Tuna - Canned or grilled
Salmon - Canned or grilled
Chicken - Baked and tender

Green Tea - Decaf
Apple Vinegar
Rice Milk
100% Fruit Juice
Vegetable Juices
Coconut Milk

I like to start my mornings off with a fruit smoothie:

Strawberry Yogurt
1/3 cup coconut milk
1/3 cup rice milk
1 banana
1/2 red apple - core and skin removed
25mg of aloe gel

Blend thoroughly
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Hi. First, if you are diagnosed with Crohn's, you should be on more meds than Bentyl. At least something like Pentasa. I advise you check with your doctor again, or check with another GI for a second opinion.

As for safe foods you can eat, it depends on what type of Crohn's you have and how you feel. Mine is in the terminal Ileum. Usually when I flare I can eat the following: toast, boiled white rice, boiled or baked chicken, banana, weak tea, baked or boiled potatoe w/o skin, little honey.

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