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I hate this...

I have woken up this morning, feeling okay(ish). Got on with my normal morning routine, was sat enjoying a hot chocolate, watching my daughters annihilate the table with their breakfast, when, BANG! My insides feel like they are imitating a washing machine on spin cycle. I haven't knowingly taken any of my trigger foods, yet I am in severe pain, and running for the loo.

This happens quite often (daily), and subsides relatively quickly, but on top of this nasty bug I have got, it's even more unbearable, I can barely drag myself to the loo when I need to, thank god for my girlfriend, Laura, otherwise, well lets just say my jeans wouldn't be this colour for very long!

I'm so p**sed off with it now. It always ruins what would otherwise be a nice time.

Right, now I'm off to take some painkillers, so next time I post, it might not make much sense, for which I apologise in advance!
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Hi jboi85,
What a horrible way to start the day. I hope that you are feeling much better soon.
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I understand I get so mad at this dx I could spit....... Sorry Some times it is good to just vent.
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I hope you are beginning to get some relief. Insipid, horrific disease we have. And just so you know, I have thrown out more jeans/underwear etc then could be carried by a truck! As you are running for the loo, look at your children and smile. It always helped me for some reason.

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Yeah feel free to vent anytime and senseless posts (this is not but) are always welcomed here too. I know Ive had a few. Sorry it had to ruin breakfast and the start of a day like that though. Always frusterating when it appears to be for absolutely no reason.

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I hope you start to feel better. its so frustrating some times.
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Dear jboi85,
I just reread my post. Sorry. It sounds so condescending. You are right, our stuff sucks and sorry for coming off as little miss Mary sunshine. Please feel free to slap me around if it happens again (think your arms can reach?)
Hope you are feeling better,
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Hope you are feeling a bit better now!

- Amy
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Yeah, then you sit and think over everything you've done the past few days and can't think of anything that you did wrong..... so hard!
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