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Absolutley Gutted

Just found out my nan has passed away this afternoon after a battle with cancer absolutley gutted shes the first close person i've lost since my father passed away when i was younger and not sure how i should be feeling right now. I am glad she is no longer suffering with the pain but so angry at how her quality of life was stolen towards the end.
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aw Martin, i'm so sorry you've had such sad news

((hugs)) to you and your family at this difficult time.

i don't think there's any way you 'should' be feeling - i know i went numb and on autopilot when i first lost 3 very important people in my life... grief affects us all differently, and hits at different times.. all i can advise is be gentle on yourself, don't expect too much, and don't be afraid to cry or most importantly, talk about your nan - even talk about funny memories and have a giggle. on quieter moments, maybe light a candle and reflect on how lucky you were to have her close in your life for so long..

wishing you all the best, and my condolences.
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Martin - so sorry for your loss. It must be especially difficult at this time of year.

Sending hugs and sincere sympathy your way.

- Amy
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Dear Martin, I'm so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you.
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Martin, I am really so sorry to hear that. While it is always so hard to lose a loved one, when it happens this time of year it just seems so much worse. You'll feel how you feel so just go with it and don't try and keep it bottled up.

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Hi Martin
so sorry to hear of the death of your beloved Nana.
I can empathise, I lost my Mum earlier this year after a long battle with Alzheimers, but I'm so relieved, she's at peace now, but I totally understand your anger.
May time be a great healer and bring happy memories.


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Aww I am sorry for your loss also.
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Thankyou for the kind words

feeling slightly better today just been for a good chat with my grandad etc and that has made me a bit more comforted.

Started on prednisolone yesterday so a major lack of sleep didnt help matters last night.

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