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well i have been told everything under the sun as to what i cant eat, but no one, especially the doc- can tell me what i can eat. i have been told no dairy (lactose free milk is icky!!) no red meat no spicy food no fried food no fresh fruits or veggies, what can i eat besides chicken and fish? i am tired of the same foods. been living on sweet potatoes and ramen noodles....i want real food. i think i would fight someone to the death for a cheeseburger right now. had a slip and had a small piece of pizza tonight and i felt like my insides were trying to rip out of my stomach. what type of stuff do you guys eat?
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Hi. I know at first you think you have nothing to eat but with time you'll see what suits you. Basically I don't eat the same things listed above except dairy. I can handle yoghurt and a little cheese (but absolutely NO milk). What I eat are the following:

- Chicken and fish and very little red meat
- boiled and steamed vegetables (cooked very well) which I can handle. Some veggies I can't handle no matter what (like broccoli, cabbage....). The only fresh vegies I can eat a little are lettuce and cucumber
- Peeled well ripe fruits: pears, peaches, appricot, kiwi, melon. Also ripe banana. But no citrus fruits
- white bread, pasta, basmati rice.
- Honey and little dark chocolate
- Olive oil and a little butter
- Also try to take a multivit and Omega 3 supplements
- tea, herbal teas
- watered down fruit juice: mainly grape, sometimes others
- Herbs and mild spices for flavor (be careful for which ones are good for you; turmeric should be good)
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Hi, I too eat a lot of chicken and fish but I am able to have sauces with them as at the mo I can pretty much eat what I like due to just having surgery. I suppose that adds a little more variety. Before surgery I could eat, fish, chicken, vegetables, salad, some fruits, but usually in a smoothy, eggs, cheese, pasta and some sauces. I tended to avoid spicy foods, high fibre foods, milk and red meat.

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My diet is pretty restrictive, so I've had to use imagination & ingenuity to make meals palatable.. Example: Because I'm on hi protein, low fat, low fibre, diet I eat a lot of skinless, boneless boiled chicken. Pretty unpalatable.. However, take that, add 1/2 cup boiled white rice, 1 can low salt/low fat mushroom soup, tiny amount of salt/pepper, and a touch of ginger to give it an oriental flavour, bake it in a casserole, and voila.. a 'palatable' dish that gives me 1 - 3 servings (meals) I can tolerate/eat..
Or take that same boilded chicken, cut into strips, broilled with some low fat / low salt BBQ sauce, add some diced mushrooms, perhaps some drained, overcooked wax beans (I can tolerate non green vegtables) throw it in a pita or tortilla wrap (white flour only, not corn or whole wheat), add a few home made french fries (I broil them, not deep fry, from scratch in my toaster/convection oven) and, etc. etc.

None of the above would give McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc a run for the money.. BUT.. My chocies are either stick with the diet and try to make it tastey, Or break with my diet, and have my body pay the price. What are you going to do

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I say we all go to Kev's for dinner tonight~
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kev when is your restaurant opening up

haha ;p
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You should have your own cooking show.
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I have a big list on this thread
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Hello,Kevin I like your ideas, wanna come cook for me[Ha-Ha].I am going to try them as chicken is one thing that agrees with me. Thanks
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I'm much like Kev in regards to cooking what I can tolerate and learning to modify the base. I was also graced with a country cook family that taught me to cook. I may eat chicken three or four days in a row, but I absolutely change it up to the point that my wife thinks I cook better than a restaurant.

Couple nights ago I took three boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut 'em in 1 inch cubes or so, tossed 'em in a saucepot, seasoned 'em with whatever I could tolerate, cooked it over 'bout medium heat till no longer pink and added 2 cups of water, half cup of a BBQ sauce that you can tolerate (we use Sweet Baby Ray's Original), a little Molasses (to taste). Stir it together and turn down to low and let it simmer covered until the liquid reduces and the chicken begins to shred when you stir it. You can help it along by chopping it a bit with your spoon. When you get the liquid down to almost nothing, add another quarter to half cup of BBQ sauce (to your own preference) and simmer a little longer until you've got it the consistency you like. Serve on hamburger buns. Shredded chicken BBQ.

The slow simmer makes the shredded chicken very tender and the bits aren't all stringy.
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Here's another you might like... A simple omelette.. Couple of Omega3 eggs, done in a good non stick pan.. throw in some extra lean shaved ham, some mushrooms and some low fat low lactose cheese (there's a low fat, low lactose Swiss I'm fond of). I carefully prepare a white flour tortilla (low in fat, fibre) so that it is flakey, not crusty. I add a little very mild salsa (wish I could tolerate spicy food) that I've blended so it has no chunks or hard to digest parts.. Carefully fold the tortilla over the omelette.. And voila.. a totally legit and somewhat tasty oevos rancheros omelette in a flakey crust that is tolerable AND easy to digest..

And, Thank God for vegetarians.. (never thought I'd hear me say that out loud).. BUT, their existence proffers me some meal alternatives. I found and tried some of the better veggie hotdogs.. (St Yves brand name up here in Canada). I take some of them, prepare as directed, then roll them in white tortillas, then crisp them in the old toaster oven. Cut them into finger food sized portions, and use some legit dipping sauces.. (low fat, low fibre, lactose free).. A lite & legal snack for nite-time.

Mind you, I'd consider a life of crime if I could eat some of my 5 alarm chili, or some of my 3 cheese lasagna, or my 7 hour home baked beans, or a perfectly grilled T-bone with a fresh caesar salad, some fresh made garlic/cheese bread and a glass of my house Merlot... Somebody call 9-1-1 I'm starting to feel suicidal : - (

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