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Warning ~ Soppy Content! LOL.

Hey Everyone,

Well Christmas morning here down under and the pressies have all been opened! I received many lovely and beautiful things but I think the best of all was Matt giving a great big squishy hug and saying "Thanks Mum for staying in the hospital with me". Oh boy did that bring a tear to my eye!

I wish more than anything that all you Mum's and Dad's have a wonderful and special day with your kids. I hope you have the opportunity to sit back and soak up and savour the joy and love that the day brings.

Here's to our kids!

Merry Christmas,
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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aw, that's lovely.. it's the little special things that have such an impact, huh? i have on my dressing table a list of why i'm the best mum in the world, written by my daughter months ago - means more to me than all the presents she could have bought me..

i hope you and your lovely family have a happy, peaceful and healthy Xmas, Dusty xxxx
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aww dusty that is so nice...... merry christmas to you all
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Merry Christmas to all......I think my best part was getting the 'gifts' my daughter (5) picked out and wrapped herself - from her own toys.....she is such a sweetie!

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Awww Dusty, that did choke me up a bit even! lol!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!!!!!!

We spent Christmas Eve day in the hospital, but while there Ant was on the phone with his best friend and she was heading out to dinner with her family, and he spoke to her and didn't tell her where he was. When they hung up, he told me he didn't want her to know as she would just worry and it would ruin her Xmas Eve with her family. I just thought it was so sweet - at that point, we thought we were staying until Sunday and he was just worried about everyone else's holiday. We have some great kids. :-)

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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