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Urinary Burning

I have been suffering from burning upon urination for more than 2 months now. I checked with my GP, and he ordered a urine analysis and culture, but everything was normal. Could it be a side effect of Crohn's meds? I'm currently taking Pentasa and Imuran.

I researched the web and it's mentioned that one of the side effects of Pentasa is urinary burning. But I have been taking it for more than 6 years , how come I'm having this symptom now?
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Have you had any remicade infusions, because its also a side effect of that drug too.

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Jeff D.
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I have heard that many side affects appear for no reason at random times. Maybe that is why it just appeared out of nowhere. Good luck.
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Nancy Lee
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After six years it could be the drugs.
You may have to change your meds.

Wishing you well~Nancy
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