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Starting to feel bad again

Hi everyone, I havnt posted here in a while but Im having some issues and need some words of advice. So Ive had two Remicade infusions, Im tappering off of Prednisone, currently on 20mgs. I have been feeling fabulous, with the exception of lovely steroid side effects. For the first time all year Ive been able to eat and not get sick, not in the bathroom all day, not too bad fatigue...things seemed to be getting better. Ive been on antibiotics for cold/sinus infection. On Christmas I ate some food that put me over the edge. Ever since then I have been in the bathroom several times a day, cramping, lots of D, and just feeling very poorly. Im so fatigued I can barely get enough energy to get off the couch in time to make it to the toilet. This morning I awoke with an awful migrane and Ive been sick to my stomach all day. My prednisone high is worn off and Im just feeling miserable. My family got so used to me being super mom again, and Ive just not been able to fulfill that expectation these past few days. Im hoping things calm down, I have to feed my family, but I dont want to put anything in my mouth at this point...Im so tired of being in the bathroom.
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Hiya Bev

This happened to me when I got to 20mg of Pred, I had felt so wonderful, then hit the deck, so I upped it back up to 30mg for another month, and it worked.
My gastro team explained that Pred hadn't finished working it's magic on me yet! There was still inflammation there that hadn't been blitzed enough, that's why we upped it back up.
All in all, I was on it for 11 months, with Entocort in between. I'm in remission now.
hope you start feeling better soon Bev, I think many of us over did the Xmas goodies, me included!


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Yes, I was thinking the same thing.....maybe I need to up back to 30mgs. Things have calmed down a bit...not going as much, BUT today things are really thin looking....and in my experience when things thin out like they inflammation is on the increase and strictures are acting Ive got a call into GI to see what they say.

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