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Symptom-free post-surgery

I went to see my G.I. a week after my surgery(last October I had 12 inches of my colon and appendix removed) and he recommended that I take Pentasa, iron supplements and get an Upper GI with a S.B.F.T. I had only been out of the hospital for a week! I decided to wait and see how I feel after about a month. I wanted to some time to heal. After 4 weeks I had an appointment to see my surgeon. He said everything seems to be healing fine. I told him I would like to start working out again(weights and treadmill) he said that's fine but no situps and recommended no heavy lifting but light weights would be fine. He said he's never seen a colon that was so "clean" except for the "large mass" in an isolated area. He's been a surgeon for 30 years.

Well on that note I decided not to get the Pentasa prescription filled, get my iron through foods instead of supplements, and not get the Upper GI with SBFT. It's been over 3 months since my surgery and I still have had no Crohn's related symptoms.

I haven't been this "normal" in years. I haven't found anything I can't eat. I'm gaining weight(187 lbs.- normal weight, 138 lbs. post surgery, currently 175 lbs.)I'm also taking a liquid multi-vitamin. Here is the link: It has Mangosteen and Noni juices which I've noticed that a few people in this forum are taking something similar to this also. My father-in-law has IBS and he recommended it to me.

What all of this is leading up to is that I have a scheduled appointment with my G.I. on Feb. 6th. When I tell him that I didn't do anything he recommended I'm sure he will be disappointed. I'm not trying to insult his intelligence or anything like that. I just hope he hears me out. Here is my system: 1. letting my body fully heal(no meds to weaken my immune system and no nasty side effects). 2. exercising 3 to 4 times a week 3. eating healthy as possible. no foods with transfats and highfructose corn syrup(approx. 25% of the food I eat is organic) 4. drink lots of water - no softdrinks

Btw, I live in the midwestern U.S. and we are in the middle of cold an flu season and I haven't caught anything yet.

I know this won't "cure" my disease but there aren't any meds that can either. I am not anti-meds and I know there are a lot of people in this forum that lead normal and productive lives because of the medication they take. I feel like I know my body pretty well and would like to try it my way.

I would like know what anyone else would do if you were in my situation.

I am having excessive anxiety about seeing my GI in a couple of weeks. Maybe I should be on anxiety medication...hmm
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Hi and well done!!! Thats fantastic news that you're doing so well. I am sure your doc will be ok about you not taking his advice, especially if you explain the reasons. The mere fact that you appear to be in remission should stave off any annoyance he may have towards you. Don't worry about it, and if by any chance I am totally wrong and he is an ass, then just tell him to go jump. Its your body and by the sounds of things you're doing a good job looking after it.

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WOW!! That is great news!
I wouldn't be afraid to tell the doctor just what you are doing.
He can obviously see it's why change it?

If one day down the road you flair, he can put you on the Pentasa.
I'm symptom free but take a maintenance dose of Asacol
which is in the same family as Pentasa.

Thanks for making me smile today!
I'm so happy for you!!!
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