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Sugar cravings?

Lately I have enourmous sugar cravings!!!!!!! I mean I can eat and eat all day long and I wouldn't feel full but the moment I eat sugar/bread/fruits I get full for a little bitl. Anyone have this problem? If yes how do I get rid of this!
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instead of 1-2-3 big meals a day, have a ton of small meals throughout the day. works for me

and try to finish eating a while before you sleep
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I eat many small meals a day too. Plus, the smoothies I make for myself are very sweet and cure my sugar cravings. I also came across some Omega 3 cookies in publix the other day, so I bought those up! lol. I'll be sure to chew thoroughly!
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Hey Wacko... your body may be actually trying to tell you to avoid or limit sugar. I've cut out as many sugars as I can (without losing whatever is left of my freakin mind).
How? I use honey as a sweetener whenever possible/practical. I also avoid foods or food products with 'milk sugar' (lactose). It certainly turned things around for me.
That 'full' feeling you get after consuming sugar may be from bloating caused by the nasty bacteria.. or it could be that your body is signaling your brain that it doesn't have enuff of the right enzymes to process all of the sugar, so please stop eating...

I could be totally off the mark.. And what works for me applies just to me, okay? I just wondered if you noticed a downside to your sugar consumption 18 - 24 hours later... Or if that 'full' feeling later on turned into bloating, gas or other symptoms?

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Hi Wakco, I get sugar cravings sometimes, not as often as you do. Usally something sweet does the trick for me. Good luck
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I too get sugar craving, but its usually when I'm hungry. I try to avoid having too many sugary sweet things as your body can become addicted, this may be why you keep having so many cravings. If you have sugar everytime you crave it, the more you will crave it and you have to do cold turkey to stop the cravings. Try eating something which is naturally sweet like fruit instead of sugary things it may help. The full feeling you get may actually be the feeling you get when you have satisfied a craving. Might be worth chatting to your doc about this.


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