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How do I get prednisone without prescription

Hi, I'm looking for a way to get prednisone without a prescription. I live in Canada and I think your obligated to have a doctor prescribe it. Maybe Ithere is an online pharmacy where I can buy some prednisone pills original or generic without a prescription? If someone can help me out that would be great!

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I have not heard of getting prednisone without a prescription.
Prednisone can be a very dangerous drug if not taken as directed by a doctor, so I wouldn't recommend it.

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Yeah I would second MBH here. Pred is a very nasty drug and taking it without care of a doctor can be super harmful. It needs to be administered on a basis of blood counts and on a tapering regimen. Not doing these things can cause a potentially fatal condition known as an Addisonian Crisis. Not good.
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If it IS possible to get "prednisone" on line without a prescription, I'd question as to whether or not it actually WAS prednisone.........

As Katie and MBH have said, ANY medication should not be taken without consulting your health professional, whether it's a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or whomever.
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I guess my question would be WHY do you want it without a doctor?
I don't know if you could go to an after hours clinic or an urgent care type of place for it?
Usually when I am bad enough to need pred, it's not something I would want to wait for the mail for.
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Well I don't know how it is in Canada but since I live 6 miles from Mexico I can cross the border anytime I want (as long as I have my passport) and pick some up. But it's cheaper just to get it through my insurance here. I use to go to Mexico to stock up on a years supply of penicillin since I'm prone to ear infections (especially with the Imuran), but since there's so much cartel violence in the border city next to where I live (Reynosa) I no longer go.

But like I said, I don't know how it would work in Canada.
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Go to the walk in clinic, they'll prescribe it there...I wouldn't trust anything online personally....

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Wow I agree with what some said on here. Why would you want to take it without a doctor. That is a strong drug with many side effects. Not something I would want to mess around with when my doctor was not aware of it. If the reason is because he will not prescribe them and you think it will help, either listen to the recommendation, or 2 get another opinion. But do not take that into your own hands and take something like prednisone just because you think it will be good for you.

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I know the thread is old but I didn't think it was necessary to create a new thread about it. Is there an over the counter drug similar to prednisone?
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If you need prednisone then you need to see a doctor who can properly manage it

Steroids are not something to be taken without a doctors supervision
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Steroids require a prescription because a doctor is needed to properly monitor you. Failing to taper and dose properly with Prednisone could result in extreme side effects and even death. Please take care of yourselves and do not self medicate with steroids.

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