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Insurance for Crohn's Disease Patients

Sadly I have been unable to become a "regular" here even though you guys all give great support and advice. I'm hoping that someone can help me or point me in the right direction of where to go next.

I was diagnosed with Crohns 13 yrs ago. I had 12 1/2 inches removed at that time. I was in total remission until 2002 when I became sick again. In Jan of 2003 I had a second resection and had 15 inches removed that time. Shortly after that I accidentatlly became pregnant. I have a very smooth pregnancy with NO symptoms at all. I delivered in Jan 2004 and my flare began 3 months later.

I was getting Remicade 15 vials every 4 weeks however it became less effective so we stopped it. Well at that time my insurance cancelled on me because I maxed out the lifetime limit on it getting the Remicade (50k ever 4 weeks). I have appealed to my insurance company (self insured spouse insurance) but so far no luck. I talked to the State Medicade (GA) but I do not qualify because of my husbands income is too much ( yeah right!).

I enrolled in a clinical trial and I am now getting Humira for free for the next few months. I was having heavy bleeding so the Dr did a colonoscopy and discovered a 2cm polyp with severe active Crohn's with ulcers and abcess'. So obviously I need more medical care however I can not afford it.

I'm in so much pain that its unreal. The moment I eat I get sick and I have begun losing weight. If I take any pain meds I vomit them back up. I miss spending time with my son because I'm always in the bathroom and in pain.

Do any of you have any suggestions on where to turn next? Any recommendations for insurance?

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Maybe you should check with the CCFA and see if they can help. Good Luck
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I wish you luck but have little advice to give. I have been in near constant pain for a few years now. Ive tried nearly all the meds and nothing seems to help. I am thinking of trying mayoclinic or something...

But anyway, hang in there
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Mazen said:
Maybe you should check with the CCFA and see if they can help. Good Luck

Thanks for the suggestions. I have spoken with them and they had no advice for me. They sent me a book about patient rights if your declaired disabled by Social Security, which I'm not.
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Hi Theatherly, I sympathise with your situation but I don't live in your country and so can't offer advice. Best of luck though, hope all works out for you.

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Hi Heather, I can't offer you much help either as I live eslewhere to. But I do wish you all the luck getting some help, no fun being sick

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