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I had good luck putting on muscles after I hired a trainer, ate a paleo/ evolutionary diet, plus took vitamin D3. At one point went from around 150lbs to 170lbs. Had a set back with the gut flaring up at one point causing me to drop back down to 160lbs. Hoping this summer to hit the gym and put the weight back on.
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Barelyalive - are you in off season or are you prep'ing for comp at present?

If you can rotate your proteins to prevent yourself getting intolerances and if you are having problems digesting all the food then supplement with digestive enzymes. Good sources of protein, as I'm sure you are aware, are chicken/turkey breast, salmon, tuna, steak, egg whites (if you want more complete proteins then eat the yolk as well). Herring is a great protein and the best dietary source of Creatine.

Eating loads of carbs will help fuel intense aerobic workouts, but when it comes to lifting you don't need many as you won't burn that many - they will just add bulk in terms of fat.

What sort of workouts are you doing at the moment? 3-way split, 4-way splits? what kind of rep ranges and how many sets?

Two people I know have just through to the NABBA Britain Finals. Here is one of their routines:


There is some good advice and articles at www.gbmuscle.com (the newer website www.gbfitness.com does not have the articles)

Good luck in achieving your dreams.
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I wonder if pro builders have digestive problems? It just seems what they are doing could be beneficial to IBD sufferers?
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All my life I have been cursed with the 3rd trimester look. Am I correct to assume no matter how much I work my abs the bloating will always kill my appearance?
I thought the same 2 years ago until I realized that my diet was causing the bloating. More importantly it was the order in which I ate certain foods.
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I wonder if pro builders have digestive problems? It just seems what they are doing could be beneficial to IBD sufferers?
Yes, this chick http://toniamoorefitness.com
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Same boat here buddy but I'm alot younger (17) people who say steroids arnt worth it are people who haven't got as big passion, you will never each Arnold's size or colemans or jay cutlets without roids, I don't condone use, I have friends that do use it and it does work like magic if your diet and training is in order, but if done correctly side arnt deadly but still bad. It's how hard you want it, because everyone has a genetic limit but this limit can be passed with these replace to hormones however nothing comes without a price or danger
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I was really into bodybuilding, rock climbing, basketball, etc bf my crohn's diagnosis. I'm 6'4" and was a lean 215, but my first flare put me down to 160... I'm not sure exactly what your diet and workout plans are, but you did say something about whey protein. Whey is actually very difficult for your body to process and use and is really mediocre as a mass building protein at best. Raw vegetable protein is much better for building muscle and is easier on the digestive system so u may wanna try that. Whey also adds to the bloated look that u mentioned. If you are trying to put on a lot of mass it will be harder to get rid of a bloated belly. Once you feel better about where u stand as far as strength and mass go, u could try cutting down (getting rid of fat/water weight) and take care of the belly then...
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It seems like there are mostly guys posting in this thread, but if I may add my 2 cents as a female who enjoys lifting weights - I'm not trying to get big or bulky or anything, I'm mostly trying to get as healthy as I can, and to get some good muscle mass on me as I know I lost a lot of muscle and bone mass from being so ill for so long and also from being on Entocort for 7 months (I've read that corticosteroids can rob muscle mass and also bone mass). I have arthritis in both hips and I find that both stretching and strengthening my joints seems to help them a lot. I was in remission for about 2 years, and I lifted weights that entire time, and felt great most of the time. I've been in a mild flare since about May of this year, but I've kept up with working out, and I wonder if that's part of the reason why my flare has stayed so mild? I've managed to maintain my weight for the most part during this flare as well (I've lost about 2 lbs which is obviously not bad at all). In previous flares, the weight would fall off of me and I'd feel miserable. I'm assuming that all the exercise I've been doing is keeping me somewhat insulated from flaring worse - or that's my hope anyway! Someone said earlier in this thread that working out is the one time when they feel good, human, healthy, etc - and that's my sentiments exactly! I love to work out because I can forget for a little while that I'm a sick girl - I feel like a healthy, strong, awesome girl when I'm in the gym. I feel better than normal, and the rest of the time I pretty much feel sub-normal. 99.9% of the time, I feel better after a workout - no matter how bad of a day I'm having, I know I can hit the gym and will feel better afterwards. And it feels much more like I'm actively fighting my illness, to go make my body hurt in a good way, than to sit on the couch and feel sorry for myself. Exercise has helped a lot with the depression too - as in, I rarely feel depressed at all anymore!

That was too long and rambly, but long story short, yes you can lift weights with IBD - I feel like it's helped me in so many ways, I'll keep doing it as long as I possibly can. (I know this is an old thread that was bumped up, but felt like giving some hope to anyone who may be reading this - you can do it!)

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