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Who had IBS prior to developing/being diagnosed with Crohn's?

Were any of you dx with IBS prior to developing or being dx with IBD?
If so, then how long between each dx? And do you think IBS led to IBD? And Why?

My daughter is 11 1/2, she has had chronic constipation since 1week old. She was on EVERYTHING when she was baby/toddler up to adult dosages and 3 softeners and 4 lax's/day! It settled and then she would go from D to const. back and forth, to the point at age 6 she could tell me if she needed senekot or immodium! Finally, she was dx with IBS. We symptomatically treat her as needed, and she even watches her diet a she knows "what sets her guts off". She has been having mild head aches and joint pain treated with tylenol for pain as nsaids make me uneasy.
These symptoms give me flash-backs to my childhood (only mine resulted in slightly more ER trips than hers at her age, and she didn't completely cut out meat.
So I am wondering if you have IBS early in life with chronic const. and a genetic predisposition (i say carefully, as I know this is not totally proven) to CD, will you develop it, or is there a greater risk of developing it?
Also my son is 2 and has had maybe 5 solid bm's since birth 3 of which were due to constipation. He snacks, never eats meals, and has an egg allergy. I have CD and his great uncle has CD. He has NOT been dx with IBS, but, does anyone know if there is anything out there that tells you what puts you at a greater risk of developing immune diseases of any type or specifically IBD? He was also a premie who tried to come at 27 and 28 weeks, labor stopped, then was high risk w/bed rest, he stoped growing at 34 weeks (had weekly biophysicals done to check on him) delivered at 36weeks through induction after 49hrs and 27mins!! I severly flared during that preg. and he suffered for it as neither of us were getting much nutrition and I only gained 16lbs after i lost 11lbs in 1st trimester! He was also a fertility baby as CD killed my fertility. Just for additional info, he has been a sickly baby, many bouts of anitbiotics for infections and even hosp admissions for 3weeks of steady fevers and still never found the cause, was placed on iv antibio. broad spectrum for a few days. And I have NOT given him his MMR vaccines, originaly b/c he is currently in the process of being tested for autism, so due to the hype of MMR/Autism it scared me so I opted not to "for now", then read recently something about it being linked to CD as well. It solidified my reasoning to not vaccinate him!
Any insights, experiences and answers would be really interesting to read.
Thank you!!
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I was diagnosed with IBS about 7 years before the Crohn's diagnosis.
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I tell my wife that the docs just haven't found the crohn's yet. She has IBS. Her birth mother has crohn's. So we shall see.
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I'm thinking I may ask her gastro to preform a small bowel follow through and maybe a colonoscopy? WHat's the situation with children and colonoscopies and upper gi's etc? Anyone know?

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I've added a proper poll to this thread.

My GI thought I had IBS and diagnosed me as such. But I demanded a colonoscopy during which my IBD was discovered. I kinda wonder how many of the IBS people out there actually have IBD and crappy doctors.
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They told me I had IBS right utnil they told me I had Crohns.
Is it possible to have both?or are the symtoms almost the same?
I changed my diet,however now Iv been told I can eat what I want,I can eat most things but white bread(alot anyway) and most diary products.
On predinsolone 10mg down from 30mg,waiting to see provate specialist about biopsy taken and continuing pain.
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went from in my head to ibs reluctantly, then crohns.
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I was diagnosed with IBS and then about 8 yrs later I was diagnosed with Crohn's. I went through a very stressful period in my life and I think that helped bring on the initial flare of Crohn's.

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I was given a dx of IBS in the beginning because they couldn't find anything wrong. IBS is really just a diagnosis of exclusion, based on symptoms. Or it was at the time anyway. A year and a half later, Crohn's was discovered in emergency surgery.
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No, unless you count a GP who said she thought it was probably IBS. She blew a lot of things off, though, including my skyrocketing blood pressure (even after the hospital sent me to her to get bp meds), so I don't really count her IBS comment as any kind of rational diagnostic-y comment.

Edit: I've just read the original post. Very respectfully, the paper in the medical literature most often cited as suggesting possible links of MMR with autism has been retracted and shown to be based on false information. Several major studies have failed to find any links to autism and no studies have found support for such a link. (*Disclaimer: I am a health psychologist but I do not work in a clinical setting and I do not work in autism research.)
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