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Tanning while on Imuran

Hey guys... just a question, anyone here go tanning while on Imuran? I was just wondering if anyone was told to take extra care of their skin while taking it, becuase I know it causes bad things to happen.

I know... a little vain, but tanning used to be a stress reliever for me and now I don't go because of the Imuran, and I was just wondering what others thought.
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the papierboy
I was on Imuran about 8 years ago while I was getting things under control. I remember the doctor saying to stay out of the sun. The stuff just makes the skin more sensitive. So you might want to where sunscreen and cut down on the time that you're in the booth.
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I was on Imuran whilst in Cyprus for a fortnight 4 years ago and I don't remember being told to take care in the sun. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that on the whole us brits always buy sunscreen as we aren't used to the heat we get in hotter countries, and so there was no need to tell me to wear it. Thats my theory anyway. I wore plenty of sunscreen, tanned wonderfully and was fine.

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Yeah I was thinking that maybe if I wore a low grade sunscreen in the booth that I would get more of the tan and less of the bun and it wouldnt be so bad... but I dunno
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I am on Imuran and I do tan some, but I am more sensitive to burning now. I also used to work at a tanning salon, so I can tell you you should not use sunscreen in the tanning bed - even a low grade one. For one, the lotion will damage the acrylic surface of the bed. Secondly, it will keep you from tanning at all because the tanning bed light is much different than actual sun light. If yuo find that you are more burning more easily, just cut down the time that you are in the bed each session.

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