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prescription exemption

This is probably more relevant to other brits out there but I thought I would share it with all of you.

I have recently become a member of the ileostomy and internal pouch support group which is an english site by the way, and we were having a discussion about the governments proposals to change the way our prescriptions are priced and that we may also have to start paying for stoma bags etc, even though we all pay huge taxes towards the the National Health Service. Anyway I mentioned that if we had to pay I would struggle financially as my prescription for my meds already cost me so much every month.

Someone then pointed out to me that as I have a stoma, I should be exempt from paying any prescription costs. . . . . this is news to me. When I had my surgery 7 months ago, I was told that I would have to pay for my prescription, but when I became pregnant with my daughter, my midwife (who also has crohns) said that if you have fistulas you are exempt. So when I developed my fistulas, I asked the prescription pricing authority if having fistulas meant you were exempt etc and they said my gp would have that info and only my gp could exempt me. So I went along to see a doctor at my practice and asked her the same question and told her about my phonecall and she said I wasn't exempt!!!!

So what else could I have done, I presumed they were correct and left it at that. . . . .until this conversation yesterday. I phoned the prescription pricing authority again today and told them that I had been informed that I could apply for exemption as I have a stoma and he said "whats a stoma?". . . . . .give me strength!!!! so I kept my cool, explained what one was and he said "oh yeah you are exempt". . . . . .at last I thought
So I then ask him the same question I asked the woman there 2 years ago about fistulas and he said "an open wound will exempt you from prescription charges" that included fistulas!!!!!

I can't believe that I have been paying out charges which I could have saved. . . . .god knows I needed to . . . . . . . . .and now I can't claim it back either, they'll only backdate payments up to a month.

I am really annoyed about this, why don't these people get the correct training, they should have known more than I did, incompetant fools!!!!

Rant over

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I would be sooooooo mad! That is so terrible to pay for 2 years when you didn`t have to! Goodness knows there is never enough to go round without unnecessary expenses.
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I would be upset too! That is ridiculous that they didn't give you the right information. At least you found out now so you don't have to pay though.
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Yeah, I applied for the exemption certificate the other day so lets hope its not too long in reaching me. Fingers crossed.

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Oh Ruth!
This would really make me angry...(to say the least)
Let's hope they get this straightened around right quick!!
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You know whats even more frustrating?, I went for a clinic appointment to see my GI today at the hospital and I mentioned the situation to him so he mentioned it to the stoma nurse and she still said that if you're stoma is temporary you are not exempt. My GI said "but how can they prove that?" and I thought . . . .exactly!!!

I mean, they are still telling people this, so how many more people have been paying for their meds when its unnecessary?


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