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Imuran versus Purinethol

Hi guys, just wondering how many of you were put on Imuran and have had that failed then been switched to Purinethol and have had very good results. I am currently on Anti-MAP therapy but unfortunatly my Gastro is telling me that it might not be an option for me any more because I have had a recent colonoscopy that has shown ulcerations throughout my bowels. I was on Imuran for a year but I kept having relapses and had to use steroids often hense why I tried Anti-MAP therapy. My Gastro is telling me to try Purinethol which I know is from the same family as Imuran. I just wanted to know if anyone has been on one then swtiched from Imuran to Purinethol with a better outcome. Thanks
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I can't really help on this one. I ended up not taking the Imuran the doctor wanted to try me on because the possible side effects scared the crap out of me, since my family has a history of cancer already. The "tumorous or non-tumorous growths" part of the equation kinda worried me a bit. I think it was one of the more rare side effects, but it still bugged me since multiple people in my family died of cancer.
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Purinethol is also called 6-MP and Mercaptopurine... Main bad stuff is...
The principal and potentially serious toxic effects of PURINETHOL are bone marrow toxicity and hepatotoxicity (The capacity of a substance to have damaging effects on the liver.) So get regular blood work done if you are taking this medicine...

Pretty much the same bad stuff for Imuran... So it boils down to do you have a family history of cancer? If so I would stay away from both meds... Same with a family history of liver disease...
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I was started on Imuran however it made me very sick so I switched to 6-MP. After a week or so on this my Pancreas felt like it had swollen to the size of a football, so I had to stop that (side affect is inflamation of the pancreas).

I've since been on methotrexate for the last 6 months. Tbh I'm not convinced of this one either. Whilst my body can tolerate it I've not felt any significant benefits - plus the reduced drinking is a pain in the ass (h0h0).

I was disappointed that I couldn't tolerate the Imuran or 6mp as my Crohns doc (who is fab!) told me that he'd had lots of patients who'd had significant success with it.

Good luck!

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I was on 6MP for like 2 years & it never really did anything for me & was on pred. for the entire time & still got no real relief. Lucky for me Remicade & Entocort help me. Good luck.
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I suppose i'm just going to have to try it as I have no other choice at the moment, I have to try and get my Crohn's under control because I dont think I can stand to go on Cortisone any more, this time round Pred has given me tremendous mood swings as well other side effects

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