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Health Insurance Coverage? COBRA/ HIPPA

Been laid off recently and paying for insurance under the COBRA ACT coverage from my older employer. ( think its good for 18 months) Hopefully I'll find a job by then. Tried to shop for better rates since my coverage is about 550 a month, but no takers so far that will insure me.

Anybody got suggestions/ info or something i should look into?
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I had to go on COBRA back in the early 1990's.....and if I remember correctly my premium at that time was around 450/ the 550/mo isn't bad! is important that you don't drop the coverage, especially if you are symptomatic!

Something else to keep in mind - there are supplemental insurance companies out there too- I have policies through Combined Insurance (not sure if they offer services in CA).....I pay $20-/mo for sickness - if I go to the ER I think I get @$150, if I am hospitalized there is coverage too - but you do need to get different policies for sickness/injury. This is on top of my regular insurance....

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I'm on Cobra right now, paying $753/mo., up ~ $120/mo over last year, when I 1st got on it, thanks to the bastards at Cigna. You basically get the same coverage you had previously, so the cost varies based on how "good" that coverage was (levels of deductibles, etc., my coverage includes dental and vision, but the medical portion is about 90% of it), but if you have a condition with potential for large expenses (like most all of us here), you really have no choice.

Health care in America.

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