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MRI and anal fistulas

So today I saw my gastroentrologist and got my MRI results, this was the MRI I had before christmas, mid December to be precise so you can probably guess how eager I was to hear the results. Anyway, this MRI was to determine whether I could go ahead with a reversal for my loop ileostomy. I had initially needed the main surgery back in June last year to rest my rectum and colon after serious problems with multiple fistulation. So the results showed that unfortunately, although there is definately a marked improvement in the anal fistulas, they're not healed enough to reverse. So as you can also probably guess, I'm quite disappointed. I know that theres no point in reversing before they have healed properly and, I suppose even though I was cautious about not being over optimistic, its still gets you down. I also discussed the expected change to Remicade and Methatrexate, that hasn't happened yet by the way. I have real concerns about starting a drug like Methatrexate, especially when my hubbie and I may want more children. So it was decided that I am not going to have Remicade or Methatrexate I am going to wait for Humira and try that I think. In the meantime, my GI has put me back on Imuran......except its a larger dose this time. Don't really like Imuran but I have had it before and suffered no real side effects so, I guess it can't hurt to try again. I now have to wait another 4 months for another MRI to see again how the healing is going and I suppose repeat the same waiting game again, we shall see.

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So what your saying is they are gonna keep things the way they are for now. All this was due to the fistulas that you have? By the way I still have mine its going on 3-4 months now still waiting for the surgeon to call. Why didnt you go on TPN for a few months to rest your bowels? At one point I was on it for 8 months and gained 30 lbs.I am still on Remicade too. I also tried the methotrexate but it didnt like me so Im still on remicade.It works for about 4 weeks then the fistulas start getting bigger and draining more. So i have to wait for the eighth wek before I can get remicade again. Also taken cipro too I dont like this drug to much it makes me feel sick all the time. Like actually tossing my cookies up so I have to live on gravol too plus all the other drugs CD people have to take. Everyone is differrent. Oh yah I also have noticed that VSL helps me big time controlling the fistulas. When I run out of VSL the fistulas seem to get bigger and bigger and more painful in just 2 days, so I had to pay the drs. nurse a visit today in this terrible cold nose freezing weather in order to get some more VSL3. Works for me.

Glad your feeling better Tammy
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I am sorry that things are not working out the way you wanted them too I hope the next MRI brings you good news.
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I'm sorry you got bad news but at least you know your results.

I hope you can get the reversal soon.
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Thanks everyone

Tammy, whats TPN? the liquid diet? if so, I was offered it but I was in so much pain that it would have taken ages to work. My surgeon also said that if I didn't have surgery pretty soon I would end up having to have my rectum etc removed, as the damage was so bad, that wasn't an option to me. I needed to rest my large bowel totally, all the D was just swelling the fistulae right up again, I couldn't walk properly or sit down on my butt properly, I was in agony. I'd had my fistulas for a good 10 months before I had surgery and in that time I had tried 2 courses (I think) of strong antobiotics and 3/4 setons fitted oh and a 12 week course of steroids as well as taking Imuran and Pentasa and none of it worked, think I was just that desperate to get rid of them I would have had surgery the same day!!!


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