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Abscess Pain vs Op Pain


I was wondering if anyone could help. I had an abscess drained before Xmas. My GI doctor has booked me in for a MRI to check for fistula's but informed me that if I feel the abscess building up again to come see him quickly.

I am feeling pain again but I'm not sure if it is post op pain as it is sore or if it pain from the abscess building up. How do I tell the difference??!

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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Shortly after I had my abscess drained I starting feeling pain in that area and thought it was another, but it was actually two fistulas. Any chance you can feel around the area to see if you feel an abscess or bump building up? When I had another abscess coming I started to get a fever, chills, and an overall sick feeling. Since you have had them in the past, you should probably call and have the dr. take a look. Better to play it safe. Good luck!

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