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mouth sores

Hi all,
I have had tons of mouth sores over the last couple weeks. Very painful. They seem to last for several days then dissapear and new ones show up in differant locations.

I just noticed on my azathiprine it says that you should contact your doctor for mouth sores. Aren't they normal for crohns? How do you know if you need to see the doc for them? Any thoughts?

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For me frequent mouth sores have been a indicator of a flare or the beginnings of a flare. I would definitely contact your doctor and follow up.

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Thanks Lilly,
I saw the Chrons nurse and she seems to think that it is not a big deal. She wants me to "experiment" with immodium for my other issues - and if that does not do it she wants to talk about going to remicade.I don't get it.
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Mouth ulcers can be an indicator of a flare. They are also a listed side effect on many meds.

I have read a lot about Immodium being bad for Crohnies. I would double check that one with your doc.

Hope you kick the mouth ulcers soon. They can be really painful and annoying!

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When I was undiagnosed, I got the worst cold sores whenever my immune system dipped. It was a way for my body to tell me. Not that I'm diagnosed, I don't get them as badly. I think maybe because of the medication.
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I've gotten relief in being prescribed viscous lidocaine, and Triamcinolone Acetonide Dental Paste. While neither is especially pleasant, the lidocaine does stop the pain for a time so eating is easier, and the dental paste is a topical sticky goo which I've seen in being effective for resolving the sores.

Every time I bring up a mouth sore, someone always HAS to be the person to suggest swishing with salt water. If I had a dollar for every time that one was suggested to me...

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