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Seton and airport security

Hey guys,

I don't think anyone has posted this yet (apologies if they have!):


I've got 2 hoops and the thought of what this "doctor" did to the guy made me wince.... not least because I'm currently out in the US with work.

Guess I'm going to start looking even more nervous as I walk through security ;p

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Poor guy!!! Its probably quite possible that this “doctor” was just a general practitioner. I say this as I too suffer from crohns disease and I too have had anal setons fitted and my GP didn’t know what they were either. For anyone out there that hasn’t had fistulas, mark my words they are excrutiating. It wouldn’t have taken much effort for this doctor to check with someone who would have known what a seton is. I can imagine how much pain this chap was in and to think he had to have the seton removed as well. Not only was he under suspicion but he will probably have suffered a set back in the treatment of his fistulas through this doctors ignorance. I do hope he’s ok now.

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That sucks. Homeland Insecurity is becoming a joke. I almost hope he finds a way to maybe sue the doctor or something for his idiocy.
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Jeff D.
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Yeah he should definitely sue that doctor. The freaking idiot.
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thats messed up
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That's terrible! I can't believe the idiocy of that situation! He should definitely sue somebody!

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