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Nancy Lee
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Guess what?

I just found out by trial and error this week....
that I can eat green seedless grapes, if I peel them.
Believe me...to me it's worth all the time peeling them
to taste those sweet morsels once again!!
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Jeff D.
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Oh yeah I love grapes, any grape just grapes in general. Also some of those red with a slightly green tint to them. Ooooohhhh those are great. Sorry grapes are amazing. I am happy you can eat them even though it takes a while to peel them but it is definitely worht it.
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oh yum!
yes--i miss grapes sooooo much
hmmm...peeling them
perhaps worth the effort
i wish there were some way to do something to a pistachio so i could eat those again
oh well...peeled seedless grapes: a worthwhile thing-i'm buying some grapes next store trip
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I too can eat seedless grapes Nancy, but, don't know whether this has anything to do with crohns or my stoma but lately I just can't eat sweet things, and grapes seem to be so sweet nowadays. Funny that. Glad you get to enjoy them though.

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Nancy Lee
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I was sitting here reading your replies...
and a thought came to me..
I wonder how many people in the world
find joy in such little things...
as savouring the taste of a peeled grape?
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people without crohn's take simple things for granted because they dont know what its like to lose them! i think we're very special in that way where we enjoy every second of feeling good and just get past the bad times with the disease.
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Thanks Nancy,I haven't tried peeling them but I will now it would be nice to eat fresh fruit other than banana for a change

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