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Jeff Inman
Crohns & Stones

I am a 36yo chemical engineer diagnosed with ibs, ulcerative colitis at 23 and Crohns Disease by 25. I have a "Type A" personality (Hyper, high energy)...often push myself to exhaustion and neglect good eating habits. During this same time I started having kidney stones...In fact, my last two worst chrohns flair-ups coincided with kidney stones!!! I honestly believe there is a relationship between hydration, digestion, and kidney stones. I drink too much sweet tea (oxylate) and have always struggled to drink any water at all...I have also learned that Prednisone and Vitamin C increase the risk of kidney stones. I was wondering if low-liquid consumption & kidney stones are "typical" or statistically significant among Chrohns patients? DRINK MORE WATER!!!! I think it will help us digest our food, be gentle on our gut, and dissolve the stones!
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Hi Jeff and welcome to the forum. I'm 33 and was diagnosed with crohns in 2001 after 6 years of tests. I too struggle to dronk water and know I should as I often become dehydrated especially now I have a stoma. The main reason I don't dronk lots of water is simply because I don't like it. I would much rather have a cup of tea or coffee or even cordial juice, anything but water. I understand though that as long as we drink a good 6-8 pints a day of liquids then thats ok. I haven't had problems with kidney stones though but other members in my family did, although they didn't have crohns. I see how you could reach your conclusion though and certainly fluids especially water does aid digestion. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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Hi Jeff, Ive stuggled with kidney stones myself.. and it all kinda started around the same time as any IBD issues. Of course 2 different DRs and neither one of them had a very strong opinion on the other or wether they were connected. I dont drink as much as I should either. Im not sure that it would make a difference though (for me anyways) mine are calcium based stones, and I just have too much of the stuff and not in the right places I suppose.. I think the water would maybe just help things flow better, but not sure it would have prevented my stones or not.
This is all just me talking myself out of drinking more water of course
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Also if you take Pentasa, you need to increase your intake of water, as it causes dehydration and can cause kidney problems
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Jeff D.
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If you want to drink water but don't like the taste or something then you can squeeze lemons and make lemon juice out of it and it will taste good mixed with water.
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Mazen said:
Also if you take Pentasa, you need to increase your intake of water, as it causes dehydration and can cause kidney problems
I didn't know this, thanks for the info.

Oh and Jeff thanks for the tip, I might try that.

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Ya know, I can't stand water either and am guilty of leaving it for other drinks, but there are times when nothing else but water will work to help with thirst. I usually do like Jeff mentioned as well and put a wedge of lemon or lime or orange in my water. Sometimes I'll put other fruits in as well. Frozen strawberries and blueberries make killer ice cubes for the water and it tastes real good. I've always hated the taste of plain water, and I know people say it has none, but I have super amped tastebuds, methinks.
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I have had a Kidney stone myself. It actually blocked one of the tubes to one of my Kidneys and caused all kinds of problems. They hospitalized me for 6 days because of the infecton is caused. I was told it was just another problem that is linked to crohns patients. I rarely drink water myself. It makes me feel bloated, which I don't understand because it is just a liquid. I drink other liquids and don't ever get this same feeling. Well just wanted to let you know your not alone on the kidney stone issue.
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Nancy Lee
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Hi Amy, and welcome to the forum!
I personally have not had a kidney stone..
BUT, I do have a lot of bladder infections.
As to whether or not they are related to Crohn's..
I'm not sure...I don't drink hardly any water..and I know I should.
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Cara Fusinato
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I grew up with lots of bladder infections. I had gallstones big time (13 the size of molars each) and I have had about 5 bouts of kidney stones (once giving me a kidney infection). I refer to myself as a "stone-maker" (not a stoner -- that's an entirely different thread LOL). Probably, I could do much better to drink more. I like to take water and drop a couple tea bags into it and just make a super super light tea. But, I could do more to drink more, believe me!

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