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Does anyone have pinching pain in their hips?

Why does my hips and back hurt so much?
Mary Mack

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hi Mary when you find out let me know as mine hurt like hell all the time.
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I have ankylosing spondylitis which is a form of arthritis that is related to Crohn's it cause back and hip (SI joint) pain. It is treated much like Crohns steroids, humira, ect...
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Hiya Mary
I have Burstitis in my shoulder, the muscularskeletal doc said this is common with Crohn's.
Here is a link on another burstitis, this one is in the hip.

Did you say that you have a fistula?
If so, your hip pain could be from that



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Thanks everyone. Thanks Joan.
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ugh, i have the same thing. Pretty much all of the time, hips and low back. Even moreso now that I'm getting up there in my pregnancy
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At the beginning of my current flare (going on three years now...) I had CRAZY pain in my hip joints. It was almost unbearable. I didnt' know at the time that this was an indicator of a Crohn's flare! They went away after about a month, though the flare has persisted....

Hope you start to feel better soon! - Amy
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yep! People sounds like my symptoms-when i'm experiencing back pain I know a flare is on it's way....
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Yes, me too.....I have severe pinching in my flank and wraps around into my back and down into my legs. When inflammation is present in my illium, it causes all the muscles around it to inflame also.
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I'm another one with a comorbid autoimmune inflammatory arthritis, related to ankylosing spondylitis. Like AS, my psoriatic arthritis/undifferentiated spondyloarthropothy affects my hips, sacroiliac joints, spine, and most every other joint (in my case, and in many). If your pain is chronic, ask to be referred to a rheumatologist to get checked out for the spondyloarthropothies.
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