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Cold Sores and Crohn's Disease

I went to bed with the tingling on my lips and woke up with cold sores everywhere. I am stressed because of the storm in the North East and having to travel in the storm. (I have an hour and a half commute through 4 counties.) I know everyone will say stay home a rest but I just can't do that today or any day over the next two months.

To top it off, I am even too busy to get to my doctor to get a prescription for the mouth sores. I hope I can a prescription called in.

Just venting since everyone I know is still sleeping and I have been up since 5 am.
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Jeff D.
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Yeah it sucks having to drive so far through snow. I got a snow day today so I slept till 10:30, sorry. I hope your cold sores go away soon.

Best of luck on the drive there and on the cold sores
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That sucks.

In the meantime keep 'em moist with some lip balm or some other protectant and they won't get all crusty and nasty looking. Even without meds, they usually go away in 7-10 days on their own, unless there's some other proplem making them last longer. I usually use that vaseline lip therapy stuff to keep 'em from drying out. Not to tout B12 again, but there've been some studies to suggest that some who get cold sores frequently are low on their B12. My aunt used to take a B12 supplement whenever she started getting cold sores. Dunno if it'd help, but a vitamin supplement might be good if you aren't taking one now. Something with B12 and zinc in it maybe.
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