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rice cakes???


My favourite snack EVER is camembert cheese spread on rice cakes.

I know I should limit my dairy intake, but are there any other rice cake lovers out there who can tell me if rice cakes have caused them problems? I buy Kallo brand rice cakes from Tescos, made with (I think) brown rice, NO seeds, and lightly salted.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!!
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I love rice cakes, but lately the mainstream rice cake makers have been putting corn in their rice cakes and I think it causes me problems. It's been difficult to find rice cakes lately made with just rice in the stores. Used to love these rice cakes that were teryaki flavored, but can't find them anywhere now.
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Nancy Lee
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I know what you mean Dan.
I always used to buy rice cakes..the flavoured ones,
but lately they have bits of corn all the way through.
What happened?
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I can handle rice cakes very well. I usually eat them with honey, or some strained yoghurt and olive oil (a common food here in Lebanon). But as you said I'm very careful to see what's in them , as they may contain corn or sesame seeds....
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thanks a lot for all the replies!! just going through a flare-up and trying to find the cause... hopefully it wasn't my beloved rice cake.

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