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Lactase enzyme (to help eat dairy) anyone?

I was wondering if anyone takes a lactase enzyme or dairy relief pill before eating dairy to help them get through the symptoms of eating it. Product name is usually called "Lactaid".

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I know of people who are lactose intolerant who take this without any negative effects afterwards. I think it is pretty safe to take, as digestive enzymes are things we have in our body already. Some milk (I think lactaid milk is what it is even called) comes treated with the digestive enzyme, so it has the health benefits without the symptoms.
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OK, big time lactose intolerant guy here... at least since my Crohns developed. For those who are lactose intolerant, these products do help, but have to be taken least 30 minutes prior.. There are also lactose free substitutes, lactose reduced products, and products whose lactose levels/forms shouldn't affect you. However, having said that, there ARE also a lot of products that you wouldn't associate with having lactose (like Orange Juice - if calcium rich, check for lactose OR BRAND name multi-vitamins). My tolerance levels are pretty tight, so I opt to go with no lactose substitutes over taking enzymes.. But they do work if taken right.

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I drink lactose free milk and eat alot of yogurt.
I also take VSL#3 that has made a big difference in my b/ms

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I can't do dairy... tried a lactaid before ice cream with a friend who is lactose intolerant. Yup, I still got the big D. Kev points out you should take it 30 minutes in advance. I'm not sure I took it that early... so perhaps it's worth another try.
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So far I have been limiting the kind of dairy. Yogurt seems to be working out esp. if it is the kind w/ all the acidophilus stuff. As for cheese (which I adore) I have been noticing that certian cheeses fair better. Also I took 3 enzymes beforehand (not 30min) and I was okay...not much bloating and gas. But perhaps a few too many BM's that night. Yet really right now it is hard to tell what is affecting what. Still I make sure that if I am eating something w/ cheese I am not going anywhere that day.

I just want to eat the damn stuff whenever! But oh well.

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I don't take anything for my lactose intolerance but I do avoid things like yoghurt, cream, icecream, orange juice and I only have milk in my cuppas, no cereal.


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